Four Ikemen Chapter 47

Hey, let’s drink, drnk, drnkk! GYAHAHAHA!] (TN: He’s slurring.)

[Ahー be quiet! If you want me to drink that much then I’ll drink!]


I stole the bottle from Lloyd and poured its content into my throat. Lloyd energetically cheered.


[That was awesome drinking! Drink more, drink!]

[Hey, Lloyd, please cut that out.]


Mikhail wasn’t able to watch and stepped over to stop it, but I ignored him and continued drinking. The alcohol burns my throat and my stomach is burning hotly.


[Oh my, his face became completely red. I wonder if Rei-kun is weak against sake.]


Sati holds my face between her hands and observes the color of my face. Ah, somehow, her palms are cold and it feels so good.


[Rei, are you okay? Weren’t you supposed to be a minor in your hometown?]


It’s Alf, has he come to worry about me even though he’s been avoiding me until some time ago? I really don’t like being avoided, let’s make sure he doesn’t escape.


I cling to Alf so he doesn’t escape. It seems Alf was surprised, but it’s fine since it doesn’t look like he hates it.


[Rei? Are you drunk?]

[I’m not.]


I am absolutely not drunk. Ah~, I really like hugging him, I want to touch more. As I was touching Alf, I ended up wanting to kiss. Un, let’s just do it.


[Wha, REI!?]

[Hyuu~! Aren’t you newlyweds? You sure are passionately in love!!]


Lloyd whistles. What is this guy so happy about? What a hard-to-understand person.


Ah, isn’t Dy here? Dy is nice because he feels cool and pleasant.


[Hey~ Dy~, let’s kiss~]

[…He is surely drunk. Someone carry Rei.]


I want to get closer to Dy but the person himself holds my shoulders and stops me. Why? Doesn’t he always hug and kiss me?


[Hey~, I said let’s kiss.]

[Although it is a very delightful offer, I wish you’ll say that while you’re sober.]

[Aren’t I saying that I’m not drunk~?]

[Rei, hold on tight.]


Ragna holds my shoulders and knees up. Ragna is big so he can do it firmly, I want to gyuu~*. Gyuu~. (TN: It’s an onomatopoeia for a hug so he’s saying he wants to hug, but ‘gyuu’ sounds cuter so…)


He hugged me back when I held on to his neck. As I thought, let’s chuu, too. Chuu~. (TN: Kiss. :D)


[So Rei becomes a kissing demon once he gets drunk.]


So Ciel also came, I also want to kiss with Ciel. Ciel becomes cute once I kiss him so I want to see it.


[Hey~ Ragna, let me down.]

[If you wait a little bit more.]


My state right now is something like a princess carry, isn’t it? I am wearing a dress today so it’s a perfect fit, it’s quite funny.


[Haha, how fun!]

[Now then, we’re here, this is my room.]

It looks like we’ve reached Ragna’s room.