Four Ikemen Chapter 47

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47 In a Sense, It’s a Dreamy Situation


I was experiencing in reality a situation that probably every guy has longed for at least once: being surrounded by a beautiful girl and a woman holding delicious morsels to his lips.


If only I wasn’t forced to wear a dress by them and was being treated as their little sister then this would have been perfect… Reality sure is harsh.


[Rei-niisama, here, say ‘Ahh~’]

[So cute~, Rei-kun is here and so is Haru Ahanna, I’m being flanked by beautiful women!]

[Aren’t you glad, Rei. You must be happy being surrounded by beauties.]


Dy also casually mingled in but I don’t know how to comment about it.


Instead of that, I want to retort why Haru is still calling me nii-sama even though I’m playing as her little sister.

I want to retort, but since I don’t want to be called Rei-chan* either, I remain silent as food is carried towards my mouth. (TN:Usually used on girls.)


I wonder what Alf, who stubbornly refuses to look at me and has only been talking to Mikhail since a while ago, and Ciel who frequently glances over while joining the conversation between Alf and the others, think of my clothes.



I don’t him to think “So this guy was a pervert” about me.


Or could it be that he’s jealous that I’m being surrounded by girls?


I’m totally in the little sister position for these sisters, though. Or it’s that like I’m their favorite dress-up doll.


[Ane-sha, Rei, Haru Ahanna! Are you guys also enjoying yourselves?]

[Ragna-niisama! Haru is very happy that you brought Rei-niisama here!]

[I’m also happy that Rei-kun is very cute~]

[Well that’s a godsend. Rei should also eat more, there is plenty of food. You won’t be able to grow tall if you don’t eat.]

[Leave it to me, Ragna-niisama, I will feed Rei-niisama a lot!]

[Is that so, I’ll leave it to you.]



I once again eat the dragon meat as it’s being presented to me. Just as one would expect of a highly evaluated delicacy, it tastes so delicious I feel like I could eat as much as I like.

Ragna also told me to eat a lot so I will be binging today.


[Rei, can you drink?]


Jii-san brings a bottle of sake to me and makes a drinking action. Sake, huh, I’ve never drunk one before but I’m curious.


[Are you saying you won’t drink Jii-sama’s sake!?]


Lloyd who got totally drunk picks a fight with me. Oi, who was it that made this guy drink sake?


[Is Lloyd picking a fight?]

[As I thought, it looks like it’s still a bit too early for him.]


Ragna and Jii-san, stop him. Or rather, please stop him, I beg you, Lloyd is giving sake to me and the bone in his fist is hitting my cheek and it hurts.