Four Ikemen Chapter 46

Editor: Fluffthoughts

46 Jii-sama* Arrives

(TN: Grandfather)


After the brief excitement, the flow turned towards disassembling the prey and bringing them back. Alright, just like that, go back to the cave without noticing me.


Even though the flow was finally opening up in that direction, a Dragonian once again appeared from the sky.


Although there are already white streaks mixed in with his red hair, he has the appearance of about 40 years old and looks young.


[If it isn’t Jii-sama. I’m Ragna, I’ve come back home.]

[Ohh, Ragna, I’m glad that you’re in good health above all else. Did you bring your wife?]

[Of course, I’ll introduce you to him afterward.

[Well then.]



The two who are also of the same tone nodded in sync, flew into the sky, and started to fight.


[Uwoーーー!! Ragna-ani and Jicchan’s* match! I’m so excited!!] (TN: The same as Jii-chan but I think is more informal like ‘gramps’. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)


Lloyd gets excited and starts cheering for the two with his raised fists. Or so I thought.


[Alright! I will also join you!]


He was not contented with just cheering and ended up joining the fight. Alf and Ciel who are watching from the ground can’t keep up with the development. Me, too, though.


Why did he return then start a fight, also Lloyd, why are you joining the fight so naturally? Are you guys muscle-brained?


*Doga* *Bako*, their fists make sounds as they clash against each other but I can’t make a distinction what is who doing because they don’t stay in one place while flying. (TN: They’re “wham and bam” respectively. Just left them as Japanese, cause why not? :D)


All I understand is the repetition of Lloyd getting repelled and going back, getting repelled, and going back.