Four Ikemen Chapter 45

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45 Run Away and Hide


I was made to change into a pure white dress with a lot of lace, they even had me put on a waist-length black wig.


Haru and Sati praise me with cute, pretty, and beautiful every time while I’m feeling dejected. I even had makeup, and I’ve completely been made into a beautiful lady no matter what angle I look at.


[Rei-niisama, how wonderful…]


Haru becomes enthusiastic about me being such a pretty girl.

You probably thought ‘Don’t say that yourself’, right? I really am perfectly made up almost like a princess from somewhere, I tell you. Sati’s make up skills are dangerous.


[If the material is good then it can look pretty even with just a bit of makeup~, I’m sure even Ragna will be happy once he sees the current you, Rei-kun.]


Sati Eroica nodded in satisfaction.


[Sati-anesama, I also want to match(outfits) with Rei-niisama!]

[That’s a great idea! Let’s also get you changed, Haru Ahanna!]


The two women started choosing a dress while ignoring me. Just please do what you want already.


After picking a few choices, Sati lined me up with Haru and checked the balance.


Checking my whole body at the same time, Sati let out a dissatisfied voice as she observed from the side.


[H~m, if you’re going to be this cute once we’re done, as I thought you’ll want to have some breasts, should we also make your underwear a girl’s?]


That single sentence made me lose all my strength.


It really is true that one can find immense strength in the scene of a fire, I was able to open that damned heavy door by myself.


I took a step over the spread of dresses that the two of them made, I managed to run away thanks to their delayed start, but I who was able to successfully escape got lost.


While thinking of the long dress’ hem as a bother as I wander aimlessly, I turn my feet towards the faint voices I hear. Are these voices Alf’s and Mikhail’s?


When I peeked through the tiny gap of the door, the two were quietly cleaning the room.


Speaking of Alf, he sure is strangely good at using the broom even though he’s a former prince. Well because he also has long experience of being an adventurer, I guess he should be able to do house chores at that level.


It seems they both use the sword as their main weapon so it looked like they were excitedly talking about swordsmanship.

Even though Dragonians normally fight close combat using their fists, Ragna being able to use a sword was because Mikhail taught him, I see.