Four Ikemen Chapter 44

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44 (Spoiler Title) > Female Clothing


The tunnel was freely extended that I was no longer able to tell where I currently am. I was tightly following Haru so as to not lose sight of her.


The surrounding of the room of the person called Sati-anesama was decorated with pink and light purple crystals. The replacement door’s stone face was also smoothly scraped, and white shells were adorned in it giving off an elegant ambiance.


[Sati-anesama, it’s Haru. I’m opening the door.]


Just as Haru told, she pushed the door open with superhuman strength without any trouble which didn’t correspond with her slender arm. Eh~, I don’t really have the confidence to open that stone door….


Rather, so not knocking is normal for Dragonians, it is indeed hard since this stone won’t even make a sound if being knocked.


There are also quartz crystals the same color as the ones surrounding the door inside the room.


The stone walls were covered by a lot of white cloths, there’s a chandelier made of silver and transparent crystals hanging, and a red carpet is spread all over the floor.

A woman was sitting on a soft, upholstered white sofa.


The inside is decorated sophisticatedly that it makes you forget that it’s inside a cave.


It is a lady’s room and even if Haru is here, I got stuck at the entrance worrying whether it’s fine to enter.


Haru pushed her way inside without any hesitation, the woman who was relaxing inside stood up and embraced Haru.


[Haru Ahanna! You’re lovely today as well, please let me take a closer look at your face.]

[Sati-anesama! I brought a guest with me!]

[Oh my~, so you are showing a guest around? Haru Ahanna is such a good girl.]


Haru’s cheeks happily loosened after being praised. Sati invited me who was standing outside the door.


[You know, this is Rei-niisama. I heard he’s Ragna-niisama’s wife!]

[So that naughty lad has finally come home. Rei-kun, I am Sati Eroica, you may call me Sati. Please let me take a closer look at your face, as well.]


Sati Eroica who I saw up front was a tall beautiful woman. It looks like she’s about the same height as Alf.

The way her pink-tinged red hair hung on her ear faintly radiated sex appeal and seemed mature.

That beauty’s eyes were looking at me, blazing as just like a hawk which has found its prey.


[Myyy~! This is a rare talent to be seen in recent years! That Ragna, that child really can’t be underestimated. Your body is also elastic~]


The beauty who suddenly got excited, Sati Eroica unscrupulously started rubbing my cheeks around, tilting my face left and right and observing me.


What’s with her, she’s kind of scary. Perhaps she understood something while I was being flustered, Sati grabbed my shoulders.