Four Ikemen Chapter 43

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43 Ragna’s Family


We reached the foot of the mountain in the afternoon,  but the problem started here.


We somehow managed to keep up with Ragna while coping with the temperature gradually dropping, the blowing wind, and thinning air.


However, maintaining the air pressure with wind magic while producing an air wall to retain the warmth, moreover, I’m activating magic power transfer while flying, my skills weren’t enough.


Although Ciel prevented the wind from passing through the air wall, even he can’t use that much magic power.

Just when I was desperate enough to consider increasing the contact area by stripping down despite the cold, Dy appeared and took control of my magic.


Ciel was astonished at Dy who was using my magic power to control magic.


To capture another’s magic power, the difficulty is apparently the same as catching a fluttering thread falling from the sky, and then directly inserting it into a needle hole.


And controlling it meant one had to quickly weave that flailing thread into the right place while offsetting its reactions, and if one applied even a bit too much power, apparently the magic could explode.

Dy who was able to pull off something I couldn’t do even within my imagination, I understood that he was perversely skillful.


Not getting affected by the air pressure, wind, and temperature, Ragna’s extraordinariness is also plenty amazing.


Because it seems like every Dragonian who travels to the outside world can do this, it means that all Oregonians are extraordinary huh.


Finally arriving at the village, Dy returned in satisfaction after incorporating the benefits and receiving praise from me.

Looking around, there are lovely white flowers blooming on the plateau.


[We’ve arrived. Let me guide you to my house.]


As we were moving, I saw children as if they were being hidden by the white flowers, playing.

‘It’s Ragna!’ When one of the children shouted and waved his* hands, the other kids also started waving their hands.

Ragna waved his hand in return.


[Those are the kids from the village. Since there are no foreign enemies here, there’s no problem even if the children play by themselves. Can you see the holes hollowed on the slope? Each one of those is a house’s entrance.]


The gaping mouths of several caves dotted the mountainside, seeming to disappear into the low-growing vegetation.

We were led towards one of those and Ragna unhesitantly went in,


The entrance was small but it was spacious inside, there was enough space so there was no need for the tall Ragna to duck his head.

Multicolored crystals were stuck on the surface of the rocks, they were so bright that there was no need for lighting.


[Woww, it’s very beautiful.]

[Yeah, it’s very mysterious.]

[Although I have read records about the visits to the Dragonian Village, it’s a beauty that couldn’t be expressed through sentences. I can also feel a bit of magic power coming from the crystals, I must look around a lot later.]


Ciel who was just in a frenzy spiritedly decided. His pupils sparkling with curiosity is charming, and I think he’ll be able to look around as much as he wants as long as we get permission.


I sighted someone coming from the passage inside the cave. Ragna who recognized the figure raised his hand and conveyed his delight.


[Ooh, if it isn’t Ani*! It’s Ragna, I have returned.] (TN: Older Brother)

[Ragna? The meaning of your return, could it be that you brought your spouse with you?]

[Let me introduce to you my bride, Rei. The people behind him are his husbands.]

[Hello, I’m Rei. Are you Ragna’s onii-san*?] (TN: Still means big brother.)

[I’m Mikhail, nice to meet you.]