Four Ikemen Chapter 42

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TN: Changed Dragonkin to Dragonian

42 Heading Towards the Dragonian Village


My heart also bounces towards our new place of destination. I asked Ragna excitedly.


[Now, let’s go! Where is the Dragonian Village located?]

[Aah, it’s over there.]


Even though I said I wanted to go far away, I was taken aback when he nonchalantly pointed towards the visible range.


When I follow his fingertip, I could see a stretch of mountain ranges beyond the ground level. On top of the steepest mountain peak, snow is piled up even though it’s already summer.


[By ‘there’… you mean that mountain?]

[That’s right. Instead of the summit, our village is located about 3 meters if you go down from the top. That Amburezza mountain* is steep, and there are a lot of strongly poisonous monsters at the bottom, so only the Dragonians have been able to approach it. It’s the perfect place to hide.] (TN: アンビュレッザ)

[How on earth do you go to such a place?]

[It’s because I have wings. You guys can also use wind magic, can’t you? Rei definitely has no problems, Ciel most probably will also be able to make it before the day is over. So the problem is Alf, with the amount of magic power he has, it won’t be enough.]


Alf winced at his observation.

Generally speaking, although the amount of magic power Alf has is high, the elves who hold great magic power on one hand, and on the other hand is one who holds magic power so great, a meteor could drop just by being on Earth. The objects of comparison are just too great.


[Oh, I have a skill called magic power transfer! Isn’t it possible if I use this?]


Magic power transfer, I haven’t used it before but I got the gist on how to use it. When I touch the target’s body directly, I can have my magic power flow into him,

The bigger range I touch, the more magic power I transfer.


Since I don’t want to stay near the gate and be unsettled thinking of pursuers coming for a long time, I decided to hold hands with Alf and try to fly with him as a test.


The three of us chase after Ragna who was flying towards the mountain as if he was gliding. I appraised Alf‘s magic power.


Alfred Roe Yodelia


Lv 84

HP 4681/4681

MP 421/523


Oh, his level increased a little.

If it’s reduced by 100 in 10 minutes, that means he won’t last an hour.


I pour my magic power into Alf and looked at his status after 10 minutes.


Alfred Roe Yodelia


Lv 84

HP 4681/4681

MP 430/523


His magic power is gradually getting supplemented, with this, we’ll be able to arrive without any problem as long as I continuously provide him with magic power.


[I seem to have recovered my magic power. Thank you, Rei.]

[You’re welcome. You will be able to fly with this.]


As we exchanged smiles, Ciel gripped my other hand.