Four Ikemen Chapter 41

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41 The Incident in the Early Morning

When I opened my eyes in the morning, glittering gold curls and long eyelashes entered my eyes.


It was right in front of my eyes that I was shocked, and when I bent backward something hit my head. When I looked over my shoulder indigo hair and almond eyes were there.


It seems he woke up because I bumped into him, his light blue eyes opened and smiled.


[Rei, good morning.]


Towards Alf‘s refreshing greeting even while lying in bed, I replied ‘good morning’ while being bewildered.


Hm? Huh? I should have been done this and that by Ragna and Dy, why are they swapped with Alf and Ciel?


I check my condition in shock. I was properly wearing my sleep-wear and felt relieved. Dy probably put it on like always.


I was squirming trying to get up, but I was being hugged by Alf and Ciel that I couldn’t raise my body.


[Do you want to get up already?]


Alf reluctantly caressed my back and released his arms.


[Ciel, Rei has woke up.]


The swordsman calls out, but the elf doesn’t move an inch as his breathing raises. His mouth is slightly open, exposing an angel’s sleeping face.


[Haah, seriously… it’s because you’ve been drinking until late last night, it’s hard to wake up if you lack sleep.]


Alf pulled Ciel’s arms apart while grumbling, setting me free.


When the eastern sky was finally starting to brighten up outside the window, the sun still has not come up. When I opened the window, a light blue bird flew from the window frame.


When Alf puts his hands together and muttered something, the light blue bird disappeared. Only the letter it was holding in its beak was left in its place.

Ooh, the bird just now was magic? The Holy Emperor also said he’s going to send a letter, did he immediately send one?


When Alf finished reading the letter, he disclosed its contents with a serious face.


[There are movements trying to capture us upon yesterday’s activity. Honored Uncle himself is in the position of having to summon us to the castle, and if we don’t want to get involved in the trouble, we’d better make haste to leave the city.]

[That, what is going to happen if we go after being summoned?]

[It will undoubtedly not finish with just the rewards, they will probably try to detain us by using various ways and employ us for the country. Even if Honored Uncle does not wish for it, the people around him probably won’t let it go.]


‘That sounds like trouble’, just as I was finding it tiresome, a lively voice that doesn’t know how to read the mood came in from the door that was thrown open.