Four Ikemen Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Accommodation and Shopping


The signboard of the Wheat-Barley Pavilion was a wheat and a basket. When I pushed the door open, a girl with simple facial features of about 12 to 13 years old with freckles greeted me.

[Welcome~ Are you for lodging or a meal?]
The girl greeted me as her dark green hair sways. I feel like it has been a while since I talked to someone shorter than me. It’s more gentle to the eyes than a handsome man’s blushing face.

[I would like to stay here for a while.]
[Certainly, one silver coin for one night and seven silver coins advance payment for 10 days.]

The advance payment is more advantageous. I paid seven silver coins.

[Thank you very much! Meals are included in the accommodation but only in the morning, so please inform us a day before if you need lunch. We will charge you with 3 coppers for it. Also, we serve dinner for 5 copper coins. Would you like us to prepare for your lunch tomorrow?]
[Do you also allow take-outs?]
[Yes, for it to be easy to carry and eat, we wrapped the food in Palma’s leaves.]

I heard before that meals have roughly 3 copper coins as the standard price so it’s not that expensive. By the way, 10 copper coins = 1 silver coin and 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin.
After hearing the explanation to a certain extent, it seems that there is no mistake with bread sandwiches with chicken meat, so I decided to order it.

I received the key and entered the room on the second floor. It is a simple room with a single bed, a desk and chair that can be used for writing, and one window. It’s neither dusty nor does it have any cobwebs, it’s bigger than my room of six-tatami mat, it’s a nice room. I took off my shoes and threw my body on the bed.

[Whew, it looks like I can manage even in a different world.]

I’ve already entered the guild, I have no problem regarding my lodging and meals, and I also made some friendly acquaintances. It’s a pretty awesome start.

[Now then, what should I do next?]

There’s still time before dinner and I’m not physically tired, should I visit the blacksmith after resting a little bit?

After rolling around the bed that is hard but doesn’t really feel that bad, I went out to find the blacksmith Aleph told me about.
They are selling armors and weapons, but the weapons are handled only with materials brought in, so I am going to check the armors this time.

In the store where helmets and armors, some of them made of leather, also robes and boots for magicians were lined up narrowly, a small, unfriendly, and rugged-looking uncle is watching over the shop instead of the shopkeeper brother. I activate the God’s Eye.

Kristiano Rushall
Dwarf Race

36 years old
HP: 2157/2157
MP: 5/5
Magic Attributes-
Skills: Blacksmith; Sewing; Repair; Efficacy; Overpowering; Cow’s Feelings*
Title: First Class Blacksmith; **Beast Cattle Tank

…There was also the Shopkeeper Brother from before, they sure get along well with animals. Just what the hell is Beast Cattle tank? Does he lead cows in battles or something?

I also a glimpsed of the sparkle in his name but more than anything else, his MP is the worst. Is this normal? Or is it because he’s a dwarf?

[Are you a beginner?]
[Ah, yes. I’ve just entered the Adventurer’s Guild and I’m here because of Aleph’s recommendation.]
[What’s your budget?]
[It’s two gold at most.]
[Huh. Wait right there.]

The uncle took the robe and boots displayed in front of the store and gave it to me to try on.

[How about these for the time being? 1 gold and 8 silver.]
[What kind of performance does it have?]
[It can endure attacks from the monsters around here. Because it’s for magicians, it is light as a matter of course. And waterproof.]

There is naturally better equipment, but this is enough for a beginner and it’s also within my budget so I bought it. I immediately wear it.

The light gray robe that fully reached my knees and the knee-length, dark gray boots fit on me perfectly. To be able to guess my size just by looking. Is it because of the Efficacy skill?

There’s a slab on the robe so it will be easy to take out the dagger placed on my waist. Since it’s thick, it seems to be suited for camping, too.

I thank the shopkeeper and leave the shop.
I still have time, I’ll go buy clothes to change into, then go to the bakery I saw before.

It looks like the clothing shop only sells casual clothes. It seems I can buy better clothes if it’s made-to-order, but I don’t need it right now.
I choose the clothes that fit me from the ones hanged in a line.
The dying industry doesn’t seem advanced as there are only plain colors in sight, but I guess it’s just right for going on an adventure.
I chose an indigo and a dark green shirt among the bunch, and also a pair of black pants and navy pants.
I also didn’t forget to buy underwears. It must be because rubber doesn’t exist in this world that it needs to be tied with a string to wear it, but it’s better than nothing.

[Thank you for your purchase!]

The saleslady sister with light blue hair tied in a ponytail gave me an extra one shirt for buying a lot. Her smiling face is cute.


I also took a look at the sister’s status.

Sheena Spinner

18 years old
Lv: 5
HP: 201/201
MP: 25/25
Magic Attribute: Water
Skills: Sewing; Efficacy; Cooking
Title: None

I guess it’s fine for ordinary people’s level to be this much.
After leaving the clothing shop and while on my way to the bakery, I check the status of the passersby. The general levels of the city residents range from lvl1-10, and although adventurers have a higher level, it becomes harder to find someone above level 50.

The average HP of Lvl 1 is 50,  Lv5 has 250、Lv10 has 500、Lv20 has 1000、so it seems to increase by 50 every level up.
MP is random regardless of Lv, and overwhelmingly there are a large number of people under 100. There are a lot of people who have more than 100 MP which I recognize as magicians, but I only saw one person with 1000 MP.
From now on, I will properly hide my stupidly bountiful MP.



* スキル 鍛治 裁縫 修繕 利き目 威圧 牛の気持ち

**  猛牛戦車