Four Ikemen Chapter 37

37 Ragna’s Active Participation and Dy’s Cruelty

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The northern side of the Sacred City Ruphia was a blanket of grasslands. The originally visible color of the grass was being covered by the dark monsters.


The battle has already started, swords were being swung and arrows were flying everywhere, and magic was being cast.


Since Dy didn’t appear even when I called him, Ciel and I jump into the fight alone.


The fire magic a monster fired off was countered with water magic by Ciel while firing an arrow at the same time.

The monster that was counterattacked was pierced by the arrow in the eye and raised a pitiful scream.

Ciel sent a wind cutter to finish it off. During that time, it took him 3 seconds to quickly counter its magic. Ciel sure is fast.


[Rei, throw magic from behind me. Absolutely never move in front of me.]

[Got it!]


Ciel shot magic and fired his arrows in succession, the enemies in front of us were eradicated.

He changes places while confirming that I’m following behind him and once again killing monsters one by one.


I also undoubtedly shot magic. Since the magic fired by monsters attacking us gets extinguished by Ciel, I can fight with a peace of mind.


Even though I’m only concentrating on attacking monsters with magic, Ciel’s speed while killing monsters is many times faster.

No matter how much magic power I have, I still can’t compare to an A-rank adventurer’s power after all.


Alf who is on the front lines showed his steady swordsmanship. He cuts the enemy coming from behind him with his sword, his fighting pose is for conserving his strength in a long battle.


He safely receives a monster’s swing with his arm and returned with a counter move, drawing a clean trajectory. Like that, the number of monsters has certainly decreased.


The S-rank Ragna’s solo fight was flashy, the monsters on places where he’s at were often flying to the sky. It seems he’s blowing them off with the impact of his punches.


[Now, next! Come at me!!]


He strikes the enemies with his fists of fire and kicks them, slaughtering them with great speed.


He appeared behind an enemy and pummeled it with his fist just when I thought he disappeared, and just when I thought he was surrounded the next moment the monsters fall on the ground.

He’s unexaggeratingly strong, staggeringly strong.


What the heck’s with Ragna, that guy, so he wasn’t just a sexual harassing old man with brute force, he’s quite cool.


The guild receptionist back at Verna, Marie, said she became Ragna’s fan after seeing him fight, I understand this now. I think I’m turning into his fan.


I end up chasing Ragna’s every single move with my eyes in a trance.

There is beauty in the way he fights, his swinging fists are excitingly vigorous, just looking at him makes my mood rise up.


Perhaps because I’m tentatively a man also, I admire strong people. Ragna’s strength is like a hero I imagined in a story.


Such an amazing guy is my husband, uwah~, woah~.