Four Ikemen Chapter 36

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36 The War Goddess’ Kiss of Blessing


The residents still don’t seem to know anything yet, and they’re showing surprised expressions upon seeing us run like the wind.

I was out of breath as we leap in towards the guild.


[It’s terrible, please listen to me! Monsters will be arriving soon!]


The guild members are bewildered at what I said. One person replied as their representative.


[Is that for certain? The advance party still has not returned, you know?]


Alf took over my words and explained.


[It’s from a definite source of information. If we don’t do anything, the monsters will be able to invade the city in less than a minute. I urge everyone to prepare for battle as soon as possible.]


‘That’s impossible, there were no signs of it’, voices of objections and distrust everywhere.

Ragna appeared from inside and roared at the guild members.


[DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT? I will strike ahead of you, and if you are not cowards then come after me!!]

[Boss said he’s going to fight.]

[Who is a coward!?]

[If Ragna-san is going then I’ll go too! You guys also get ready!!]


The men one after another approved, the previous division from before now is now one.



[Hey, you two have also finished your tasks? Please tell me from which direction the monsters will come from.]


As I was talking to them, Ciel also arrived at the guild.


[What’s going on, such a heavy atmosphere. It’s noisy here normally, though.]

[Ciel, great timing. I’,m leaving Rei to you, Alf and I will be going out to the front lines.]

[Eh? Does that mean the monsters have already come? Refluo should still be farther away.]


Alf replies to Ciel’s faint voice.


[It is indeed that, Ciel, too, please support us from the back with magic and arrows. I’d want Rei to be in a safe place, but…]

[I’m going, too!]

[… You’re right, you’re also an adventurer, I can’t tell you not to go. We will also feel reassured with your magic. However, please make sure to always remain by Ciel’s side. If something unexpected happens then you must summon the Demon King. Because I need to be in the front line.]

[Got it, you should also take care of yourself, Alf.]



Alf swiftly drops a kiss on my cheek, exchanged eye contact with Ciel, and left the guild.


[Please bestow upon me the Goddess’ blessing, as well.]

[I’m not a Goddess, though.]


Since Ragna hunches his back and asked, I kissed his cheek without minding the surrounding eyes.


[Fumu. this much is not enough.]



With him taking my lips, I got tossed around by a fiery kiss until I lost my breath.


[The rest will be after we return.]


Leaving those words, Ragna departs from the guild bringing the guild members with him.


[Haah, I thought I was going to die from lack of oxygen before the war.]


When I breathed out, I noticed Ciel looking at me as if he’s asking something with his eyes.


[Do you have nothing for me?]


I give the sulking Ciel a kiss on the cheek. Since he’s still looking straight into my eyes while looking slightly happy, I kiss his forehead, nose, temple, eyelids, and face until finally his spirit has been lifted.


I find his sparkling appearance as he looks at me with a bit of embarrassment, so I tried giving his lips a kiss.


[… ! Rei, you’re pretty adorable, you make me not want to bring you to the battlefield.]


Perhaps I’ve earned affection point with my kiss on his face, Ciel hugs me tightly. The cute one is you.