Four Ikemen Chapter 35

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35 Refluo’s Upcoming Worst Disaster


The Holy Emperor continued speaking.


[I’m happy I was able to see your growth, I always thought I’d never see you again. And yet, you even brought your life’s companion here. Let us give our thanks to God.]


He bows his head as a sign of prayer.


[Rei, you probably know as well that Alfred is a person who is very compassionate, an outstandingly virtuous person. It will be hard to live like that, and there might be times when he throws yourself into hardship. Will you believe in him and support him?]

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Towards the Holy Emperor who was looking at me with the same eye color as Alf, I also replied seriously.


[Yes, I promise. Because I decided to be with him.]

[Thank you very much.]


The Holy Emperor smiled as if he was relieved.


[Alfred, You told me that you are an adventurer, didn’t you? If so, it won’t be long until you will receive a summon from the guild. Although I am aware that you are strong, I am worried. If you are unable to avoid it then at least, please offer a prayer to God.]

[I understand, Honored Uncle, allow me to go to the chapel after this.]


It was already afternoon when the meeting with the Holy Emperor finished.



Just as we were recommended, we’re going to the chapel to pray after eating a light meal.

Along the way, Alf told me the circumstances.


[I was named the Fourth Prince of Yodelia Kingdom. The First Prince and the Crowned Prince who is my Eldest Brother is blessed with wit and intelligence, and I polished my sword to support such Eldest Brother. However… I noticed at some point that my Eldest Brother and I hold different ideals. For the sake of the portion of the nobilities, my brother planned to sacrifice the other people. As a result, the slaves in the Kingdom increased, and the young adventurers who don’t have sufficient security were dying one after another. I didn’t have the courage to go against my extremely resourceful brother, that’s why I left  the castle as if running away and been living in the corner of the Kingdom to atone up to this day…]

Speaking up to there, Alf painfully closed his eyes. I stroked the hurt swordsman’s back to console him.


[That is not Alf‘s fault, even I wouldn’t have been able to do anything and run away if I were in the same situation. More than anything, there are those who have managed to survive as adventurers who flourished so Alf is by no means a coward.]



This time, I took the hands of Alf who could not come up with the words to say.


[Even the Holy Emperor didn’t blame you, did he? That’s because he knows that you’re not in the wrong. You have a wonderful uncle.]

[Yeah, together with my mother who married to a foreign country, he also loves me. Even though he took care of me in such a way, if it was not for Rei’s demonic bangle, we probably won’t meet even in the future. Although it’s too bad that the curse has not been lifted, I’m thinking how glad I am that we are able to meet again.]

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‘Please come here again in the future, I will also send you a magic bird on my end’, I recall the Holy Emperor’s appearance as he quietly sent us off.


Oh, a magic bird is a letter made of magic in a form of a bird.

Because it was made to memorize Alf‘s magical power, it seems it can be sent flying at any time.