Four Ikemen Chapter 34

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34 Holy Emperor


It’s also full of stairs inside the castle.


We continued to move deeper and deeper within the maze-like corridor, and just when I was about to complain if we still haven’t arrived yet, the guide finally stopped walking.


The guide exchanges words with the guard who is standing in front of a heavy door that has complex carvings in it, the guard accepts it and calls out in a loud voice facing inside the door.


A gentle voice from a man answered and the guard pushed the door open.


Light was incorporated inside the room and was bright. The first frosted glass I’ve seen since coming to this world is spread all over the wall.


White, gold, and beige colored carpet, beautiful writing desk with deeply tinted grain, within the room which plenty of fine materials were used, the Holy Emperor was present wearing a white and gold robe.


Eh, can a place that’s like a private room be easily entered?


The Holy Emperor is, in other words, the King of the Sacred City of Habartalt, right?


Since I was under the impression that it would be someone sprawled on the throne, looking all smug, I was quite bewildered.


Soft-hued golden brown hair with gentle light blue eyes, the outer corners of his eyes is slightly wrinkled, making his face look pleasant.


However, within those eyes reflect a strong will, giving off a feeling that he’s not a simple person.


Even though he was wearing a gentle smile, he acknowledged Alf‘s presence and his smile deepens.


[It’s has been a long time, Prince Alfred. How many years has it been, since it’s after I heard your departure, will it be 10 years now?]


The Holy Emperor said a startling fact for me in a polite speech.


[Ehh… Prince? Alf is?]


By Prince, does he mean this country’s? No, wait. Remembering a certain thing, I appraise Alf.


Alfred Roe Yodelia




24 years old


Lv 82


HP 4521/4521


MP 503/503


Magic Attribute: Wind


Skill: Swordsmanship, Shield Skill, Spearmanship, Magic, Night Vision, Near-death, Detect Presence, spy, Skinning, Dominance(Previously ‘Efficacy’), Etiquette


Title:  Master Swordsman, Raging Gale, Dragon Slayer, A-Rank, Daybreak Wind’s Leader


That’s right, the name I felt I had seen before, was on Alf‘s name. So he was a prince of the Kingdom we were staying in.


Towards the Holy Emperor who is looking at Alf with nostalgia, the swordsman took a retainer’s stance. I also hurriedly copied Alf and got on my knee.


[It has been a while, Honored Uncle Feifre(フェイフル叔父上)… No, Holy Emperor. I’m already unqualified to call you familiarly, I am merely an ordinary adventurer.]


[…Is that so? Then, I wonder why does a mere adventurer like you, who even bent his own belief, want to meet with me?]


The Holy Emperor asks Alf while ridiculing him for implicitly using his position as a prince.


Does Alf calling the Holy Emperor as Honored Uncle mean his mother is this Kingdom’s Royal Princess? I don’t really get it.


[This young man here, Rei, a curse has befallen him. We have come here thinking that you might be able to resolve it if it’s you, Holy Emperor.]


[What is that young man to you?]


[He’s my… my most treasured and beloved person more than anyone else.]