Four Ikemen Chapter 33

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33 Sacred City, Ruphia


When we were heading eastwards for three days, the Sacred City of Ruphia came into sight.

Just like Habartalt’s border, it’s appearance is based on white and gives off a somewhat holy atmosphere.



The church was especially given special attention, the beautiful buildings inside the city were all religious facilities. The name Sacred City isn’t just for show.


Even so, the church on the roadside is on the smaller side and in the center of the city, a building with white walls is grandly standing shoulder to shoulder in line with the castle.


I heard that that is affixed to the inner sanctuary. I’d like to watch it up close later.


The Sacred City also seems to gather goods, there is a lot of stuff being sold that I haven’t noticed at the remote town of Verna.


Oh, they have pepper, I want one~…. Uwah, that is expensive.

What is this, what do they mean a fistful of it costs two pieces of silver?


Looking closely, other foodstuffs are also expensive. Aleph was also thoughtfully looking through the items.


[The price is still high even if we deduct the city’s fee.]

[You’re right, it might even increase some more soon.]


Ciel also thought about something with a hardened expression. Ragna also agreed his hand on his chin.


[Fumu, looks like we need to confirm the situation of the prices as soon as possible.]

[What’s going on? Ah, could it be a group(stampede) of monsters is coming?]

[Most probably. It’s certain that Refluo is closing in.]


Ciel answered my question.


[Although I’m worried how far the monsters have come but, we must meet with the Holy Emperor before that happened or else we won’t be able to see him for a while.]


Towards Alf‘s concern, Ragna presented his idea.


[Well then, why don’t we move separately? I will go to the guild right now to ask about the situation. Alf and Rei should go to that person called the Holy Emperor.]

[I will also ask the residents and gather the supplies we lack. Let’s meet at the guild later.]


Ciel said, and the Elf and the Dragonian walked in different directions.


[Yosh, let’s quickly get this done. Where is the Holy Emperor? Should we just head towards the biggest building?


I called out to Alf who was left with me. Alf hesitated then said to me.


[Rei, it’s too crowded around this place. In order for you not to get lost, that… your hand, can I hold it?]


To Alf whose cheeks were lightly dyed red while holding out his hand, I was also drawn and held his hand while blushing. It was wrapped in a warm hand.


[Well then, let’s go.]

[Ye, yeah.]