Four Ikemen Chapter 32

32 Danger Zone Near the Border


TN: Habartalt is the name of the kingdom, Ruphia is the Capital.


Ragna also provided a dark red horse and it took 10 days to advance to east-west road.

I got myself taught magic by Ciel along the way and daily special training riding the horse while riding with the three men.


Thanks to it, I was able to ride alone! I can only make it walk normally, though.


What I had the most trouble with while doing my best at learning horseback riding was to escape from Ragna and Dy trying to deplete my stamina through sexual harassment.


Ciel and Alf move more self-consciously and prudently as they only proceeded with light kisses and hugs, but Ragna will hug me strongly if he sees a chance and just before this, he groped my butt while we were on top of the horse.


When I was honestly told ‘if there’s a beautiful person who is bad at horse riding1 then anybody would coach2 that person’, I could only be speechless. What the heck do you mean with bad at horse riding?  


Dy whimsically gives me a very deep kiss and I can’t help having my magic power inevitably stolen.


Still he’s being comparatively docile, he circulates my magic power and heals my body so it’s a great help.


It’s just that while I’m absent minded, he will whisper something like ‘I really can’t forget the taste from that time~’ and blow into my ear, I can’t help but worry that he’s scheming something bad against me.


Subsequently, although it’s redundant, I continue to train my muscles everyday without fail. Although since I originally have a constitution that’s hard gain muscles, the result doesn’t show that much. Dammit.


The scenery changed together with the landscape when we reached the border. I look up at the structure towering up to the sky.

The gray wall resembles a prison and looks imposing. Since the soldiers’ armor are also grayish silver, it’s extraordinarily dreary.  


The carriage of the escorts a merchant hired is lined for inspection, there are only adventurers who are famed for their skills. The out-of-place feeling is no joke.


No, but I can defeat monsters, you know? I am fairly strong, okay?

I think I’m giving out a feeling that’s saying that I’m not used to it and that I’m emitting a ‘beginner’ aura.


Although the east-west road passes through a place where monsters are hard to come by, it seems it’s an exception around the border as it’s a dangerous area where monsters often appear.

As if separated by an invisible line, the range from the north to the south is the zone where the monsters constantly appear, and in its center is the border.


‘ It’s not that they deliberately made it the border but because of the monsters that’s why it’s unlivable so it inevitably became the Kingdom’s border’, should be the right description said Ciel.

When setting the building at the center, it can be said that it’s almost certain that it will become the Refluo’s victim so the two kingdoms created the barrier a little farther from the border.

We obediently waited in line for our turn to arrive. The stationed guard looked at Ragna and was frightened.


A messenger ran in a hurry and somehow a big-wig came out.

Even though he was a dandy mister with a small mustache, his appearance looks less dignified since he’s flustered.


[This is, Ragna-sama…. I heard that you have arrived at our place and came but, why have you come here?]

[My wife said he wants to visit the Sacred City, you see. So I decided to accompany him.]

[So that is why! Which one might your wife  be….]

[He’s Rei. The others are also Rei’s husbands.]

 [That, does Ragna-sama plan to, together with your wife, permanently reside in the Sacred City, Habartal?]


The distinguished man seems to be minding Ragna’s movements. Ohh, he’s an S-rank and a very strong and dependable Dragon-kin after all.

If they allowed him to move easily then their fighting power would decrease after all, is this why he’s so desperate?

We won’t know what will happen in the future unless it happens’, he bluntly replied to the disheartened official. He seemed to have accepted it and so no longer persisted.


Although there was a bit of disturbance here and there, we managed to slip out of Yodelia Kingdom safely and break into the dangerous area of the national border.


[Rei, please strain your senses from here on.]

[We can defeat the monsters but please don’t lower your guard down.]


Alf and the others’ faces change as they let the horses run cautiously.


While looking for enemies, Ciel exterminates the monsters when they appear with magic.

Although they aren’t strong individually, there’re too many of them.