Four Ikemen Chapter 31

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31 Even Though I’m Inexperienced, Please Take Care of Me


It was noon when I got up. The sun has already long passed the zenith and because I was too exhausted to walk even now, they decided to stay one more night for me.

 While I was courteously being taken care of by Alf, I organized the situation.

In other words, it’s fine to assume that these guys are courting me and because of that everybody is getting along by approaching me?

Putting Alf and Ragna aside, it was unexpected that Ciel also felt like that towards me.

Dy is…. That guy’s just going to plan various ways to eat magic power(a feast).

Being liked might sound nice but, love hasn’t been said yet, yup.

When I remember yesterday’s foolishness, I feel like wanting to dig a hole and die so, I put my thoughts in order to forget the details.

Meanwhile, Alf was attached to my side as if it’s a matter of course and he looked after me as if it was nothing.

[Rei, I was so happy that you accepted me yesterday… Does your waist hurt?]

With a smile that’s three times brighter than usual, Alf who invigoratingly worried about the state of my waist, certainly looked happy as he spoke.

Are you humming a song? He has such a pointlessly good voice. And he’s good at it.

Ragna went out saying he was going hunting and Ciel bought some sweet confections. But it was too sweet.

You definitely bought this with your preference, you sweet tooth. Even though he gave it to me while saying, ‘It’s my feelings’, it’s too sweet.

I’ll eat it when I feel well again.

[If you have something else you want, I will buy for you especially today. You say whatever you want, Rei.]

Ciel who stopped calling me ‘Kiddo’ also stopped treating me like a kid and started treating me like his lover, like kissing my cheeks when he returns to his room, scooping some of my hair and kissing it between conversation intervals, and sending me words of love on top of that, it’s too sweet.

It’s amazing how you can act like that with that sober expression, my heart throbs violently every single time so I hope you’d stop.

When it was about to get dark, Ragna came back in high spirits. As he came back, he was pulled off by Alf for trying to force a bear hug on me.

Ragna’s love is too violent, in a physical way.

[I caught an outstanding akashina deer. Since I ask the inn’s chef to cook it, you should eat that and recover.]

‘HAHAHA’, Ragna laughed heartily and grumbled, ‘If I stay here, I will end up wanting to continue from yesterday so’, as he left the room while grumbling.

I see, I fainted after that so it was probably unsatisfying for him. As for me though, I feel like I’ve been saved since there’s no way that huge thing will be able to enter.

Oh, but I received Kami-sama’s blessing(curse), I feel like I definitely won’t tear.

No, even if it’s true, scary things are still scary.

I have nothing I need to do and I tried thinking about it one day but as I thought, even if that comes to be, I won’t be able to hate these guys. Rather, I…. probably like it.

I feel safe when Alf is on my side, Ciel indulges me, Ragna is a good guy somewhat. I think they’re refreshing to look at and likable.

Dy, that guy is… u~m, as I thought, I can’t dislike him, I wonder why?

I feel like he’s done pretty terrible things to me, but the result is that it didn’t become a minus for me and I  somehow ended up forgiving him. Or is it just that my thinking is overly optimistic?

On that day, venison was served just like I was told. The akashina deer is a deer with reddish-brown horizontal stripes, and it seems to be bigger than the deers on Earth. He said it’s taller than me.

The meat’s taste has the unique smell of the deer but it was being boiled mildly and it’s delicious. There’s also the situation of my stomach being empty so I ate engrossingly.

Since we got a new single room, Ciel moved there and I’ll stay alone in this room tonight to rest well. It’s a roll-all-I-can bed*. (TN: Since he’s all alone now and he has all the bed to himself.)

Ah, I was not alone, there was Dy.

When it was getting late at night and I was about to sleep, Dy showed himself.

[Hey~ Rei, how’s your body?]

He merrily asked and told me that my magic power circulation has stagnated so he healed it for me. My body has become light and I feel good, with this it looks like we’ll be able to depart tomorrow.

[Huh, you still plan to go to the Holy City? And here I thought you don’t care about the curse anymore.]

That’s right, I have already accepted Dy’s existence.

I’ve gotten used to his presence to the point that I can’t tell him, ‘Now the curse has been resolved, goodbye’.

[Hmm~, but since we’ve already come this far, I’m going. I also want to meet with Yulias-shin].

Since it’s called the Sacred City, it probably has a giant church.