Four Ikemen Chapter 3

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[Ahh, Hearty-san.]
[Alf is fine. No need for honorifics, either.]
[Then, Alf. I will tell you this first since it’s easy to misunderstand, but I’m a man.]
According to my statistics, if I tell those who think of me as a woman that I’m a man from the beginning, the probability of being snorted at is 40%, those who see me as a girl who wants to be treated as a man 30% , and 20% believe me.

In other words, there’s really no point in saying it but there are people who might accuse me of deceiving them that I am a woman. It will become troublesome after that.

By the way, there are 10% who treat me as their daughter and pamper me. Stop~ treating me~ as a woman, damn it. I’m praying that Alf is not one of the 10% perverts.

[Is that so, from how you look, you must have elf’s blood running through you. How old are you?]

[You look young, 14, at most 15 was my speculation. That must have caused a lot of inconveniences.]

He easily believed it, though. The elf’s effectiveness is amazing.

[If you have the blood of an elf, your magical abilities must also be high, but there are items that can disable magic like a slave collar. If it’s against someone like you who is pleasant to look at, there might be people who will plan to enslave you. It’s better not to approach places where public safety is bad and the back streets.]

So there are slaves, what a scary other world.

Alf told me the specific places where I can and can’t go to and then we ate at the main street. It’s a good shop with a nice hostess who’s in charge and an old man with a good disposition who called out to us.

[Welcome! Oh, if it isn’t Alf, and you’re bringing someone young, too. You just don’t learn, you’ll end up getting stabbed someday, you know?]
[It is also the mission of high-rank adventurers to guide those who are not experienced so that they will not stray to an evil path.]

Hm? I don’t understand their conversation. Should I call myself dense in this regard?
He drew out the wooden chair for me after we entered, then asked me about my preferences before ordering the dishes just like a complete playboy.

Doing this unconsciously, of course, the girls will misunderstand. Rather, don’t do it with me as the partner.

The served dish is an oak meat stew that tastes like pork meat. It was delicious with Western seasoning.
Alf asked about me during the meal, but I appropriately deceived him. I just hope that I don’t slip up.

Next, we head to the weapons shop. Although magicians generally have sticks, we decided to buy a dagger for material collection and self-defense as they did not seem to have a cane for different attributes.

[Rei, isn’t this one good?]

I tried examining the recommended blade with God’s Eye.

Iron Dagger +2
Dagger for stripping materials, sharper than ordinary ones.

Looks like the price is 6 silver coins and 2 copper coins. Comparing this to the others, it’s reasonably cheap and has good quality.

[Should I go with that?]
[Thanks for your patronage! I will also add in a whetstone so take good care of it, okay? That’s right, Alf…]

Since the shopkeeper started talking with Alf, I decided to look at Alf with God’s Eye.

Alfred Roe Yodelia
24 years old
Lv: 82
HP: 4521/4521
MP: 503/503
Magic Attribute: Wind

Skills: Swordsmanship, Shield Skills(盾術); Spearmanship; Magic; Night Vision; Near-death; Detect Presence (気配察知); Spy; Skinning; Efficacy (利き目); Etiquette
Titles: Master Swordsman; Raging Gale; Dragon Slayer; A-Rank; Daybreak Wind’s Leader (暁の風リーダー)

Hmm, he looks strong. So this is an A-rank adventurer, huh. His name is different, though, is he using a pseudonym?
I’ll also take a look at the shopkeeper brother while I’m at it.

Barack Doudon
28 years old
Lv: 21
HP: 965/965
MP: 84/84
Magical Attribute: Earth
Skills:  Swordsmanship; **Feelings of the Dominant Horse; Blacksmith
Title: None

A horse’s feelings?… I’m curious about his skill but I put it aside.
The two of them have quite a lower MP compared to me. Or is it just that I have too much? Perhaps the magicians have a lot.

[I’ve kept you waiting, Rei. I’ll escort you until the inn.]

In exchange for letting me wait, Alf insisted on paying for the dagger. I really don’t want to owe him too much, but he strongly reasoned that it’s the duty of the higher-ranked to take care of those below them. Even though we just met a while ago, he sure likes taking care of people.
I have not bought any armor and cane either yet and it’s better to save, so I got them for only half the price.
I walk to the side where the carriages don’t pass as Alf walks beside me as if protecting me. Honestly, he’s too overprotective that it’s creepy. Or rather, isn’t he treating me like a woman like this?
We’ve finally arrived at the Wheat-Basket Pavilion so I hurriedly bid him goodbye.

[Thanks for today, Alf. I will thank you some other day.]

Alf aims a brilliant smile at me after hearing me.

[Yeah, call out to me anytime. If you need anything, I’ll help you out. But I’m worried if you plan on taking on your first job tomorrow, should I show you around the forest?]
[There’s no way I will bother you with that, too.]
[I see…. but still…] 
[I’m fine.]

I pushed out an awkward smile. For some reason, Alf’s cheeks are dyed red.

[O, oh…. I understand. That’s right, please call out anytime. If you need something, I’ll help you out.]

Alf repeated the same line in an impatient way and then left.
It can’t be…. No, there’s no way. He must have remembered something embarrassing so the blood climbed up to his head, that must be it. Let’s just put it like that, it’s also for the peace of my heart.

**利き目 馬の気持ち (Help!!!!)