Four Ikemen Chapter 26

Translator: OkubyouKun

Editor        : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 26: Explaining the Situation


We found a shop when noontime arrived and entered. It’s moderately noisy, and the atmosphere seems like talking about secrets won’t make you stand out.


Taking advantage while the three were distracted, I send Dy who was regrettably able to follow us without hiding his presence a hateful glare.


[You really only do unnecessary things, don’t you? I told you not to say it. My magic power also got found, you liar.]

[That’s heartless of you to call me a liar. It’s not like I was the one who talked about your magic power, and it’s not like you forbid me from telling them about the other world.]


Dy insisted to quibble.

Well, I really didn’t, I didn’t but you see? I’m really unsatisfied.


[Also, that lizard has special eyes. An ordinary Dragon is insensitive and indifferent, and unless the other party is that lizard, it would have gone unnoticed. It’s also a miscalculation for me, but since we’re heading towards a good direction, isn’t it fine?]


Is it a good direction? I can only say I’m being chased, though.

As soon as I got to my seat, they immediately made me tell my story.


[Now then, Little Kid, let us listen to what you have to say.]

[Let’s get something to eat before that, I’m unbearably hungry. That woman over there, give me the recommended meat dish for three people please.]

[Even if you ask like that, I don’t eat meat that much, though.]

[Don’t worry, they’re all for me. You guys also ask whatever you want. Even if you start talking while you’re hungry, your head won’t work well.]


At Ragna’s recommendation, I decided to focus on my meal for now. Ragna is heartily eating the meat that’s attached to a bone*, while Ciel is gracefully eating his steamy fish and vegetable dish. 


Alf ordered a couple of dishes that I could eat and gallantly distributed them to me.

Everything that I couldn’t eat all settled within Alf’s stomach.


Meanwhile, Dy is drinking his coffee that’s dyed whitish due to excess milk at his own pace.


After finishing our meal, I talked about my meeting with Yulias-shin and why I came to this world.


[Ohoh, so you were born with that magic power. For a human to naturally hold such magic power, what a strange thing.]

[For there to be a world where magic is unknown and is unable to use it, I can’t even imagine it.]


While the two are saying their own thoughts, Alf alone worries about me.


[Leaving the world you were raised in and live alone is a difficult thing. Rei, you’ve endured well up to this point. There must have been a lot of things that have been hard and confusing to you.]

[No, I haven’t suffered up to that point. As soon as I got here, I immediately met Alf and received a lot of help after all. Thank you for that time.]

[If you say it like that, what I’ve done has been rewarded.]


Alf softly narrows his eyes looks at me gently.

As I was renewing my evaluation that he(Alf) is indeed a good guy, Ciel spoke.


[By the way, Rei, how much is your level and magic power? Since it would be better to accurately know your abilities, I hope you can tell us.]


I hid it last time, but since I’ve already told them everything, and I really have no more reason to conceal it so I decided to show it to them.


Unsealing the information in my guild card and showing it, they were stunned at the numbers being displayed.


Rei Arihara


17 years old

Lv 42

HP 1865/1865

MP 95312 /95312

Attributes: Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Dark

Skills: Language Conversion, God’s Eye (limited ability), Magic, Presence Detection, Stealth, Magic Power Transfer

Titles: Raised in A Different World; Spring of Magical Power; God’s Favorite


[….. Alf, look at this. My eyes might have gone wrong.]

[What’s with this MP…. is it the card’s glitch? I’ve never heard of it displaying wrongly before, though.]


Alf’s expression is saying that he can’t believe it. Ragna also peeks into the card that Ciel is holding.


[It’s more than I expected. This will be troublesome.]

[Even though my magic power can be considered as having reached the highest amongst the current existing magician, it’s incomparable. The attributes are also unbelievable. On top of having the valuable dark attribute, he also has five total attributes!]

[Even the Demon King hailed as the ancient’s strongest couldn’t have reached this much magic power and this number of attributes…. I see, now I understand the demon’s insistence on Rei.]

[His titles are also nonsense, they’re all something I’ve never heard. The skills of the Eye of God works really well against evil-doers, and as God’s favorite, you’ll likely be taken to the church and be conferred the title of a Miko.]


The three looked at each other’s faces and after confirming that they don’t have different opinions, Ciel became their representative and talked to me.


[You must keep this card hidden and mustn’t be shown to anyone other than us. If this comes to light, you’re likely to be enclosed by the powerful people of the country without question. Every place that tries to increase their national power will become desperate and preferentially aims for people with high magic power to inherit it.]

[As if I will let Rei become a tool for politics. I will protect him.]

[I’ll also be troubled if you’re monopolized by others, I will stay beside you.]


Whether they’re royalties or nobles, I don’t want to get involved with such troublesome people so I guess the best option is to obediently let myself get protected.


I can’t even wield a weapon like an average person, although it frustrates me doing what these guys said is the safest route. (TN: Or is it? ?)


[Aren’t you glad, Rei? The three knights said they’ll come with you.]


Dy grinned and said as if it’s other people’s business. Oioi, aren’t you my guardian?


[That’s four including you.]


Ragna who was listening to our conversation corrected.


[Demon, I am not a knight. As Rei’s husband, it is my duty to protect my wife.]

[Stop calling me your wife, it’s misleading.]

[What are you saying, you will become my bride in the future so there’s no problem calling you that, right?]

[There is! I have no plan to become a bride!]


Alf who has been refraining himself from speaking to the dragon finally opened his mouth.


[Rei has already said so, Ragna-dono. I would like you to stop your remarks about a bride.]


Ragna lifted an eyebrow and intently observed Alf.


[Are you Rei’s husband? If not then it’s not your turn to speak.]


Alf tightly furrowed his brows and declared.


[I’m in love Rei, and if he accepts me then I plan to spend the rest of my life to get close to him as his husband.]

[Ooh, so we were in the same boat!]


Ragna simply smiled broadly as he put his arm around Alf’s shoulders.


[I am also pleased with Rei, and I intend to spend the rest of my life as his companion. Let us both strive to get our feelings received.]

[Ye, yeah.]


Alf sits down. His swelling hostility has weakened, even though it has, his back is still being strongly hit by an arm.


Rather, is he fine with that? Is it normal for Alf to like more than one person?


Ciel looked like he wanted to say something and was looking at the noisy Ragna and the others, but I decided to leave the meal without knowing the reason.