Four Ikemen Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Ragna Once Again


I ride on the horse standing in the inn. Alf usually lends me a hand whenever we ride the horse so I waited for him to offer his hand, but he awkwardly started talking.


[Rei, would you like to try and ride on Ciel’s horse?]

[Eh, why?]

[It’s good to try to ride other horses sometimes. You’re probably already used to riding my horse and from now on, there will be times we are going to use different horses, you have a bad habit of getting swayed by the horse so it’s better for you to try a different horse sometimes.]


If nothing happened yesterday then I would’ve accepted it without any doubt, but when he said it at this timing, I can only hear it as an excuse to avoid me.


[Little Kid, you ride with Alf, I want to ride alone.]

[Ciel, please.]

[No way. You also know that running away won’t solve anything.]

[Just for a short time is fine, I simply need time to clear my head.]

[Isn’t it fine to act passionately?  Anyway, I’m refusing that request. Let’s go quickly, we’re wasting time.]


Ciel nimbly jumped onto his horse and went ahead of us.


[Alf, do you hate touching me that much?]

[As if, I don’t…. I’m troubled because I want to touch you more. I don’t want to force you.]

[Hey, if you don’t cut it out already, then I’m leaving you behind.]


Urged by Ciel, Alf indecisively reached out his hand to me and we’re riding together.


Alf’s nervousness is being transmitted over and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I remembered Ciel’s advice and I daringly pushed my back against his stomach.


[Ugh, Rei. Please stay away.]


His body heat is being transmitted through my back, making my chest feel hot.

Enough that I want to keep sticking to him. When he pulled me away, I felt disappointed.


The part he touched felt as if it’s burning hot.

I gulped my saliva and this time, in order to not get in the way of his horse riding, I put my palms on top of his hands holding the reigns.


[Rei, do you want to be attacked? Please let go of me right now.]


Even with his threatening words, I couldn’t bring myself to stop.


They were rough and bony hands. There are calluses from wielding the sword and cuts in them and even though they’re supposed to feel unpleasant to touch, there’s a part of me who doesn’t want to let go.


This is, could it be? I just wasn’t aware of it, but I have long….


[Alf, stay alert. Something’s coming.]


Before the answer could come up my throat, it was interrupted by Ciel’s voice which contains vigilance.


A red creature with wings is flying diagonally towards us from behind.


[Is that…. the dragon from before?]

[Did he chase after Rei?]


As we got off the horse to wait, Ragna came down after a few seconds as his hair scatters.


[Rei, I’ve been looking for you. Going out without leaving your husband a message is very thoughtless of you.]


Upon Ragna’s ‘husband’ remark, Alf’s eyes turned grim.


[You know, I said that I’m not your wife.]

[Don’t be shy. Being healthy is the most important.]


I’m not even being shy. This guy also doesn’t listen to other people talking.

He seems to be celebrating our reunion by hitting my shoulder, but his strength is so strong I feel like my joints will get dislocated.


[Your demon guardian told me where you are. To be able to subdue such a strong demon, I expect nothing less from the wife I’ve chosen. I feel like I won’t get bored as long as I stay with you.]


I didn’t subdue him but he’s possessing me, though. Dy that guy, doing something unnecessary.


[More importantly, your magic power sure has increased substantially from the last time we met. This is…. fumu, oh my…. far from elves, demons…. No, it’s an unreachable height even for demons. As I thought, Rei, you’re not an ordinary human.]


Getting caught so easily, I shrugged my shoulder in a panic.


[Little Kid is not human? What does that mean?]


Ciel picked up the ending word and reacted.


[Ooh, are you Rei’s travel companion? I’m Ragna. Oh elf, what is your name?]

[Ciel. I see, you’re from the Dragon Race so you can see magic power.]


Even though he told me that it can’t be seen clearly unless they’re intentionally keeping a close eye on it, but it was simply seen this easily. Dy, that lying bastard.


What should I do, can I gloss it over somehow? Alf and the rest clearly heard it, too, are they going to be relentless?


[Fuwah, good morning Rei. It looks like the Lizard properly got here.]


Was he perhaps watching from the shadows, Dy unusually showed his face in the morning.


[Aren’t you the demon guardian, I’ve been in your care. Mumu, your magic power is also tremendous.]

[Of course, I’m the king of demons after all. Rei’s is even more amazing, it’s nearly four times more than mine.]

[This Little Kid is? If that’s true, it’s not an amount of magic power that’s impossible for an ordinary human being. Who exactly are you?]


Ciel frankly inquires with shock in his eyes, Alfsteps in to stop him with a grim face.


[Ciel, I told you not to forcibly ask him.]

[I’m not forcing him, I’m asking him. Hey, Little Kid, we won’t hurt you. That’s why, can’t you tell us?]


I’m hesitant to tell them lies when they’re asking me this with courtesy. I gave up and told them about the amount of my magic power.


[I’m a normal human. Other than my huge amount of magic power, I’m normal in everything else.]

[That’s right, that’s right, Rei’s body is more sensitive than ordinary, but it’s structured the same as the other humans. It’s just that he came from another world, right?]

[Another world!?]

[You mean a different world that’s only talked on legends really exists?]

[Hahaha, as expected of my bride, you’re so out of the ordinary.]


Due to Dy’s explosive remarks, everyone raised a surprised voice.

I’m also surprised! I don’t remember talking to him about me coming from a different world, though!?


You, how do you know that!?]

[Since I’ve been watching Rei from morning till night, I know everything about you.]


The demon proudly laughs with his arms folded. In other words, he heard my conversation with Kami.


It seems like privacy isn’t a thing when you have a stalker inside a bangle who is with you from morning till night.


[It looks like it’s necessary to hear the full story.]

[I also agree. Once we find a store, let’s talk there.]

[I will also accompany you. I’ve been flying all this time so I’m hungry, I hope they serve meat there.]


Every secret has come to light, as I could do nothing but follow after them.


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