Four Ikemen Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Love Consultation with Dy


[Oh, Rei, you’re not looking too good. Did you get dumped by that swordsman or something?]

[Nothing of the sort.]


As I kept moping inside my room, Dy appeared and called out. I give a reply while still holding my knees.


It never occurred to me that there’s that much difference in our muscle strength.

Since Ciel is slender and the proportion of his height and the contour of his body looks thin, I thought I could put up a good fight if we did arm wrestling.


I feel betrayed. It can’t be that I’m going to see amazing muscles when he undresses.


Even though I thought I’d ask Dy to teach me some magic once we meet again, now isn’t the time for that. Before magic, I must do something about my strength first.


[I will give you a consultation. Even like this, I had a harem and was popular enough that a bloody conflict unfolded amongst my concubines.]

[I’m good, I feel like the smell of blood will be transmitted here.]


What I was worried about wasn’t related to love in the first place…. No, I was also concerned about Alf.

He confined himself in his room after self-training today as well, and if he continues to avoid me tomorrow, as expected, I’ll be hurt.


The demon who doesn’t encounter monsters every day and has no need to use magic doesn’t ask for my magic power today.

He seems too bored, so he’s looking for something to kill his time and is persistently meddling with me.


[Try telling big brother. I will give you a clear-cut answer.]

[You’re way past the big brother age, you should be a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.]

[Since I am over 800 years old, you need to add more great, great-. Should I make you say the remaining great-’s?]

[Stop it.]


Feeling the nuance* behind his laugh, I immediately cut the conversation.


But he’s right, I might be able to get good advice so maybe I can try consulting him since I have nothing to lose.


[If someone who was always touching you suddenly lost interest with skinship and you get lonely, is it normal between friends?]

[Ooh…. Fufufu]

[What are you laughing at?]


Showing a scheming smile, Dy flies around me as if to enclose me.


[Well you see, thinking that it’s almost harvest time, I became happy. The boy’s feelings also look like it’s about to bloom, I guess it’s about time to summon that lizard over.]

[I beg you to speak a language that I can also understand.]

[In a while, you will also get it, fufufu]


Dy is in an unusually good mood. Every time this guy looks like he’s having fun, nothing good happens.


[Why, isn’t it fine to tell me?]

[Fufun*, it’s a secret.] (TN: Chuckle or giggle.)


It looks like he won’t tell me no matter what. I consulted and received a loss.


Let’s follow the advice Ciel gave me and take the initiative to touch Alf.



If you don’t get it, just imagine them doing “that” and he calls out “great-great-great….grandfather”.


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