Four Ikemen Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Consulting Love Problems to Ciel


Alf is acting strangely. He doesn’t meet my eyes after the bath incident yesterday.

Our bodies have never touched naturally before.


Even when I got on the horse and I noticed that he’s trying to not touch my body as much as possible, I understood that he’s avoiding me.


[I wonder if I’m hated.]

[There’s no way that’s possible. He’s just being bashful, that guy.]


We visited a cafe during our afternoon break.

Because Alf doesn’t like sweet things, he told me he’s going for a walk and left somewhere, so I got the chance to consult with Ciel.


We’re sitting next to each other in a recessed seat. Ciel is by the aisle and I’m inside. He treated me to simple-tasting cookies.

It’s delicious and it’s calming me.


Ciel who managed to understand how things ended up like that yesterday sighed with a fed-up expression.


[Wandering around in a place where others can see you with only a towel on you, what on earth were you thinking? There are also perverts who like children like you, your perception to danger is too lacking.]

[Uugh, you’re right. I definitely won’t do it again.]


Ciel stirs the content in his teacup with a spoon. He added one, two, and only until all six sugar cubes have dissolved did he start drinking.


[…Hey, isn’t that too sweet?]

[? I think it’s just right.]


The gorgeous elf has a sweet tooth. Just watching it makes me seem to lose my appetite. So Alf knew of this and acted separately.


[Alf is also a bit too stiff. Since the meal had been served, he should’ve just eaten it.]


[If I were Alf and you jumped in front of me naked, I’d eat you deliciously without reserve.]


Hearing Ciel’s extremely radical speech, I was shocked.

With his gold hair, green eyes, and tall height, he looks every bit like a prince but his attitude betrays his appearance.


[Little Kid, what do you think about Alf? Do you like him? Hate him?]

[I told you not to call me that. Of course, I like him, but it’s not on a romantic level.]

[Then that demon?]

[Dy is…. Although he’s an outrageous guy, he helps me sometimes so there’s no way I can hate him.]

[Then what about me?]

[I also like Ciel. Of course, as a friend.]

[….A friend, huh]


Ciel started stirring his empty cup for some reason. When I doubtfully wondered ‘What this guy is doing?’, he cut me off with ‘what are you looking at?’. How unreasonable.


[In other words, the one who has a higher chance for you to develop romantic feelings with is Alf, right?]

[….Well, I guess?]


I reluctantly admitted. It’s true that recently, I get happy when he smiles at me, and I sometimes get fascinated by how attractive he is.


[But you know, won’t you get excited, want to stay by their side, and want to touch them once you fall in love?]

[You don’t think so? But you feel uneasy that he doesn’t touch you, then how about taking the initiative to touch him and see whether you really like him or not?]


Even if he casually tossed that out, it lacks credibility.


[Is it like that?]

[For me who has confidence in my sensitivity, I believe so. For example, how do you feel when I touch you?]


Ciel said so, and he put our hands together. His long and fine fingers feel cool, it feels good.


[You have long fingers.]

[It’s just your hands that are too small. It feels fine, right, how about this?]


He fixed his hands on the wall and locked me within his arms. Ah, his eyelashes are so long.

His sparkling prince-like face approached until my sight turns dim, then something soft touched the edge of my mouth.


[Ci, Ciel!?]

[Ahaha, your face is red.]


It seems I got teased. I hit his chest with my fists out of shame and frustration, but he’s more fit than how he looks and didn’t even budge.


[It doesn’t hurt even a little bit. Little Kid, you sure are powerless.]

[I’m not a little kid! Damn you, I’ll get stronger!]

[That’s right, it feels like you’ll get captured and sold once if you fall into a situation where you can’t use magic. You should learn how to use other weapons.]


Don’t say such scary things. But Alf also said something about slaves, so it’s something natural in this world.


While I was worried about it, Ciel made a suggestion.


[If you’re fine with whatever, I can teach you how to use the bow.]

[Is it alright? I want to try it!]


After the break, we advanced a little and secured an inn early.


Since Alf and Ciel are going to train separately, I stuck with Ciel and we moved the place he opened.

I borrowed a bow made for elves that launch the arrow with only a little bit of strength.


I learn the stance and is planning to launch the arrow just like that, but before that, I can’t draw the bow.


Even if I grit my teeth and finally manage to release it, it can’t reach the enemy at all.

This is too pathetic, me.


[To think you’re incapable to this extent…. For starters, I guess it’s better for Little Kid to begin with basic physical strengthen training.]


Aargh, darn it! It’s definitely not because I’m weak, it’s just that the physical abilities of people in this world are too high!




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