Four Ikemen Chapter 22

Translator: OkubyouKun

Editor       : Fluffthoughts



Chapter 22: The East-West Road and Bath Incident



The East-West Road had hardened soil, unlike the meadows that we had previously been traveling on, so the horses were able to move easily.


Houses were lined up one by one in a row, and inns and shops could be seen on the side of the road. It was a major road that people passed by often.


If we continued east following the East-West Road, we would eventually reach the border.

Since we could rest at inns every night and there would be shops available, taking this road would be much easier on our bodies.


I’ve also gotten used to getting swayed by the horse and am now enjoying the scenery in the different world.


I took a long hard look at the green foxtails whose huge heads were about the same as my arm, a frog that cries in a stupid-sounding voice that I’ve never heard before, and a plant which was abundant of light blue leaves.


[Rei, did you perhaps find something interesting?]

[There are just some plants and animals which aren’t common in the place I used to live and it’s unusual. Since it’s normal for you guys so it’s probably not that interesting.]

[I’m having fun looking at you.]

[Really? Am I being weird?]


I was surprised to see a shockingly pink snake a while ago, did he find my face at that time funny?


[Since Little Kid is so restless and gets surprised by everything, just simply watching him is already funny.]

[Well I am so sorry for being restless.]

[Rei, there’s a bird over there.]

[Eh, where, where?]


We didn’t encounter any monsters so we’re having a pleasant journey, incomparable to the past.

I’m also able to talk with Ciel normally, this is a good sign.


There were only roadside accommodations that travelers and merchants frequently use, and the facilities were in place.


Especially in the place we’re staying today, if you pay a separate fee on top of the reasonable rent, it seems they will fill the hot water for the bath. How wonderful it is.


Although it was somewhat expensive, having been anxious about the dirt on my body that couldn’t be removed by just wiping all the time during our travels, I invested my remaining money on it.


[Rei, do you like taking baths?]

[Well, yeah! Won’t the dirt be properly removed if you don’t take a bath?]


Ciel struck the question to my face.


[You, don’t you have the wind attribute? Those who have wind or water attribute can cleanse themselves with magic, though.]

[Ah, well…. perhaps the dirt will come off, but you won’t feel refreshed, right? That’s why baths are nice.]


I thought up an excuse in a hurry. So there’s a magic like that, I wish I’d known about it sooner.


I can only use magic decently, so I don’t know what kinds of magic there are and how much magic power is required to use them.


I don’t want to ask Ciel about it to avoid bringing trouble to myself, so I’ll just ask Dy later. With that being decided, I entered the bath.


I was afraid if Dy were to come and tease me but thanks to the fact that I entered the bath early evening so he didn’t appear.


Baths are reserved for each person. The bathtub hollowed out of the rock was rough and it seemed to hurt the skin, so I simply washed my body and then slowly and carefully soaked in the hot water.


[Huu~. Aah~ this feels good.]


I soaked in the hot water just until I was about to turn dizzy, then I moved my steaming hot body towards the dressing room.


[Oh, crap.]


I forgot my change of clothes. My clothes were washed and placed in my room, even the dark space doesn’t have any stock.


After I’ve already cleaned myself, I don’t want to wear my dirty clothes again, what to do?

I slightly open the door of the dressing room and check the hallways.

Nobody is there, no footsteps either.




The people of the inn might blame me for it, but I wrap the towel around my waist and run towards my room.


Holding my dirty clothes, I climbed up the stairs towards the second floor.

My room is the third room on the right, and luckily, it’s once again a single room.


There are no signs of people and I safely arrived in front of my room.

Thinking that it’s going to be safe after it this far, I breathed a sigh of relief but when I reached out my hand towards the doorknob, a person came out from the room next door.



[….Ugh, Rei! What’s with that defenseless appearance you’re wearing?]


Alf found me. Immediately, he held me by my shoulders and knees and brought me inside his room.


Because of the momentum of the lift, the towel in my waist and my dirty clothes fell on the floor.


[Ah, wai]


I concealed my front with my hands in a hurry, but Alf’s face has quickly turned red. We got stiff and was unable to say anything for a while as we stared at each other.


When I uncomfortably looked away, the red-faced swordsman walked awkwardly, placed me on top of the futon, and covered me with the bedsheets from head to foot.


[Oof] (TN: Like, the sfx thingy)

[Where are you change of clothes?]

[It’s in my room, but]


Alf headed towards my room with his usual calmness broken while making a noise. He returned immediately and left something in the bed.


I only got my face out while still being wrapped in bedsheets, and whatever kind of movement technique he used, my clothes were left on top of the bed while still in their folding state.


[Please get changed. I will be outside.]

[Ah, there you are, Alf. It’s about, tomorrow….]


Ciel showed up with exquisite timing, and we once again froze together.

Ciel alternatingly looked at me who isn’t wearing any clothes, and the confused Alf and nodded his head. (TN: Ciel did.)


[…. Take your time?]

[You’re wrong!!! Rei just forgot his change of clothes!]

[Spring has finally arrived for Alf, congratulations.]

[Ciel, it’s a misunderstanding! Listen to me!!!]

[Fwaah~, good morning, Rei. Huh, did the both of you peel Rei naked? How nice, I wish you’d let me in, as well.]

[I’m innocent. Alf brought Rei into his room and got him naked.]

[That’s why I’m saying that it’s a misunderstanding!!!]


Even Dy has finally appeared, and now the chance to control the situation has disappeared.

I started wearing my clothes while an exchange is going on above my head.


I thought before that it’s a good sign, but I guess I was wrong. The voices around me have gotten louder, these guys are hopeless, I better do something about it.