Four Ikemen Chapter 21

Translator: OkubyouKun

Editor       : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 21: Adversity Strengthens the Foundations


My mind has been cloudy just like the weather, it was numb and began to start raining after a while.

*Zaa zaa* I watch the rain as it continues to fall.


Alf and co are still not back. I sit behind the window while holding my knees. It’s my habit whenever I feel down.


There’s a *gacha* sound, I lifted my face.


In there was Ciel with his cloak and hair wet.

I can’t see Alf’s figure. Did they miss each other?


He grimaced as he unwillingly looked at me.

Oi, if you have the time to glower at me then change your clothes, you’re going to catch a cold.


When I passed him a towel, Ciel 2 to 3 seconds to look at my face and hand repeatedly, then finally took the towel from me.

Ciel starts to strongly wipe his dripping wet hair carelessly, making me want to intervene.


[….Give it here. You have to wipe it thoroughly.]


Ciel looks at me again, takes off his cloak, then passes me the towel. Since he’s sitting at the foot of the bed, I can also reach him.


I slowly wipe his hair to make sure the water is properly absorbed.


The soft-looking green hair really is soft, it feels good to touch. Even though it’s this kind of situation, I ended up admiring it.


[….Little Kid.]

[…. Don’t call me that.]

[………….. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.]


Ciel told me in a cranky voice which makes it really hard to believe that he’s apologizing.]

Since he’s facing backward, I can’t see his expression.


[….It’s fine. I was wrong, too. It’s true that I could have found a different way after all. I’m also guilty for being swept by that guy.]

[…. That’s right, think about Alf’s feelings more. If you really don’t like it then cry out for me or Alf for help.]

[I will do so next time.]


Even if I was ordered in such a bossy tone, I decided not to say anything since his voice sounded sulky.


For some time, we were drowned in the rain’s sound.

Unlike a while ago, it sounded pleasant, that it’s strange.


[Elves are monogamous.]



I was taken aback when Ciel suddenly started talking about the elves’ marriage system. He ignored my reaction and continued.


[The humans and other races may have as many wives and husbands as they can in order to have many descendants inherit their magic powers. But elves hold a greater capacity of magic powers so such tradition is unnecessary. I couldn’t believe it when I went out of the forest and heard that story for the first time. My common sense was overturned and I was shocked. I thought that I couldn’t accept it at all.]


I understand his feelings very well. Because I was raised in a world where monogamy is the norm, I was perplexed by this world’s polygamous behavior.


These days, Dy has started making me feel good….. No, I’m not willingly thinking that it’s fine as long as it feels good, it’s Kami-sama’s doing.

It’s the fault of the curse indoctrinated as a blessing.


It’s definitely because of that and I won’t accept any objections, so I won’t think about it anymore!


[But you were raised with a different common sense, weren’t you? It’s normal that you don’t feel the same as me. Although I don’t feel good about lovers of more than two people, you are different.]

[No, I’m actually the same.]

[So the saying that meddling with someone else’s romance will strangle you means this! I ended up doing something unnecessary, didn’t I? The demon is the demon, Alf is Alf, the both of them are properly thinking for an answer and it’s not something I get to say something about, am I right?]

[That’s why I’m saying, that’s not it.]

[What, do you plan to say you weren’t thinking about anything and just went with the flow?]


Ciel’s strangely high-spirited eyes contained the essence of uninterrupted garrulity captivated me.

His tone sounds cheerful but his eyes aren’t smiling. What the, this is scary.


I vigorously shook my head sideways repeatedly with a pale face.


[Oh, then think about it properly. That being the case, it’s alright. However, please come up with an answer as quickly as possible. Alf is my precious partner after all.]


I look at those serious green eyes as if they see through my head, I gulped. I deeply and intensely nodded.


[Ciel! So you have returned!]

[Uwah, Alf you’re drenched, why did you get this wet before coming back?]

[Isn’t it because I was looking for you?]

[The fireplace will be lit up so you wait on the side. I’ll go bring a change of clothes.]

[I’m going to light the fire in the fireplace.]

[Little Kid, don’t burn yourself.]

[I won’t.]


Alf came back an hour after we reconciled.

His entire body is like a wet mouse, isn’t his underwear also wet?


I throw some firewood, which is stacked beside the fireplace, into it then lit it up with fire magic.

It was a bit damp but it burned after a while.


[Have you made peace with each other?]

[…. Yeah. Ciel is quite a nice guy. While complaining about me, he kept on saying to think about your feelings.]

[For me, he might be the kind of guy who suddenly runs away without consulting anyone but, that’s right. He’s a good guy who thinks about his comrades.]


Alf’s clear eyes soften.

‘Ahh, having such a party like that sounds nice’, I thought.


Our cheeks naturally loosened, we exchanged glances and laughed.


[I’ve brought you some clothes, quickly get changed.]

[I, will go face the other way.]

[Why, Little Kid. You can watch because unlike me, Alf has a nice body with firm muscles. You might fall for him once you see it.]


Alf’s body…. Remembering the body heat I felt faintly on the horse, my face glows with heat.


[What’s wrong Ciel, your attitude is completely different from yesterday.]

[That’s because we both recognize that there was a discrepancy between each other until yesterday. If you notice that it is due to the wrong belief, it is natural that you change attitude accordingly, right?]

[I don’t really get it, but if you are getting along then that’s fine.]

[There’s no problem. Isn’t that right, Little Kid?]


Ciel flashed a beautiful smile towards me. Without any profoundness, it’s the kind of smile that gives off a kind feeling like the day we first met.


[If you stop calling me a little kid, we might get along much better, though.]

[I am using facts to state the truth. That’s why, until your height has grown until it reaches me, you will remain a kid to me.]


Ciel is an elf, and their(elves) height is lower than the average height of this world, but it is still about 10 centimeters taller than an average Japanese adult male.

My stature is sluggish, and if I ever grow, it will probably be a few centimeters at best.


In other words, doesn’t that mean that it’s my fate to be called a little kid forever?


But well, it’s not bad.

Compared to when he called me Little Kid yesterday, even if it’s the same name, there’s a little familiarity with it.


I will put up with that name for now. Of course, I will still complain about it.