Four Ikemen Chapter 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 2: Encounter with Alf


CHANGES: Additional attribute – Wind

Inside the door, the window for lighting was attached overhead, but it was a bit dim.

There’s the smell of alcohol and buzzing of people talking. About one-third of the table is full, people who wear armor and people who have a sword on their waist are relaxed. There were also a few women.

There is a bar separate from the guild counter and a bulletin board next to the counter. I can clearly see the magic lights shining on the bulletin board.

When I stepped inside, the person from the bar looked over. Eh, what? Is he going to do the promised baptism for beginners? I proceed to the counter while being secretly nervous.

[Excuse me, I’d like to register.]

Since there were some officials at the counter, I asked a glasses girl with bright brown hair who’s on the right side. She looks like the adult-type who goes to the library.

[A new registration, is it? Can you write?]
[I can.]
[Then please fill this in.]

It basically did not differ from the one I signed at the entrance. Because there was a field to write the attack method, I wrote in magic.

[Confirming that you’ll be attacking as a magician, is that right?]
[Is it bad if it’s only with this?]
[Although it is not bad at all, it is more advantageous for those who write their attributes and the range of magic that they can use if they want to recruit parties.]

I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know how far I can use it. I thought about writing the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Darkness, but it might be strange to have five attributes so I decided to not write it down.

[I understand. Then I will explain about the Adventurer’s Guild.]

The guild ranking has F-A and also S, with beginners starting from F. F- Novice, E- Fighter, D- Adult (一人前), C- Veteran, B- Go-getter, A- Top-class. Someone with outstanding skills is an S-rank and it seems there are only five people like that in the Yulias world.

It seems she’s convinced I understood after telling me all the critical knowledge about the guild, she decided to make me a guild card.

[Then, please hold your hand over the card on this stone.]

When I did as I was told, the letters engraved on the stone board blinked gently, and the characters are overwritten on the card placed on the stone board.

[Please check for any mistakes.]

Rei Arihara
17 years old
Lv: 1
HP: 48/48
MP: 65417/65482
Magic Attribute: Water; Wind; Fire; Earth; Darkness
Skills: Language Conversion; God’s Eye (Limited Ability)
Titles: Raised in A Different World; Spring of Magical Power; God’s Favorite

Its content was the same as I’ve seen on my Status.

[Excuse me, when I show this to others, can I hide the column I don’t want them to see?]
[You can. Please pour your magic power to the place you don’t want to show.]

How do I pour magic power…While groaning for a while, there was a sense of something flowing out of my palm and the columns of MP, magic attribute, skill, and title changed to blank. Yeah, it’s fine with this.

[Well then, once again, welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. Rei-san, can you accept a request immediately?]
[No, I would like to first look for a place to stay in. Do you have somewhere to recommend?]
[For beginners, I recommend the *Wheat Basket Pavilion, located in the northwest of the city. The price is a little high but security is good and so is the cooking.] (TN: *麦籠亭)
[Then I’ll go there.]

I asked her to tell me the directions and thanked the receptionist.

[Wheat Basket Pavilion, huh, how nostalgic. I used to stay in a cheap inn at first and met with something terrible. That’s a good judgment you have, Marie.]
[Oh my, Alf. Is the subjugation finished already?]

Hm, who? A tall and good-looking man was standing in front of the counter before I knew it. Although he looks slender, he has firm muscles, his cool, almond eyes are light blue. His indigo blue hair is tied in a ponytail and if he’s in Japan, people would ask what’s wrong with him, but I guess whatever good-looking people wear, they always pull it off. (TN: True dat.)
[It was so disappointing that I honestly wish the rank dropped.]
[Your party is just especially strong.… Rei-san, this is Alfred Hearty. He’s an A-rank swordsman.]

Speaking of rank A, isn’t he a top-class skillful person, then? Let’s properly greet him.

[I’m Rei Aihara. I have become an adventurer just now but, pleased to make your acquaintance.]
[Aah, same here. Rei,I can guide you around the city if you’d like. It will be convenient to know of weapon shops for beginners and restaurants with delicious and inexpensive food.]
[Wait a moment, Alf, don’t tempt him just because he’s a cute kid.]*
[I’m not, you’re so rude.]

Although Marie-san looks docile, she’s quite fierce. And don’t call me cute. Marie-san beckons me over and whispers.

[Alf is gentle and has a good face, so there are many girls who misunderstand him, but he’s a slow person so he doesn’t notice, but I can assure you that he’s not bad a person. Because you are attracting attention in the bar, it won’t hurt to get along with him.]

What’s with the rom-com MC-like character? Rather, what’s the point of telling me all this? Does Big Sister also see me as a female?

When I surveyed the bar, I met with countless pairs of eyes. there are also people who look hatefully at Alf. Aah, I can feel trouble brewing.
It would be better to stare at a good-looking person if they’re just going to make a pass at me.

[I would like to if it does not bother Alf-san.]
[Then, let’s go. I’ll get ready so wait a bit.]

Alf took out materials from monsters one after another from the bag around his waist. Ehh, those items look way too many compared to the size of the bag. Is that what’s called a magic item?

[Well then, just do as always.]
[I understand.]

The exchange process ended quickly, and I left the building with Alf.


*No indication of gender here so Alf may misunderstand about Rei’s gender.