Four Ikemen Chapter 19

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CHAPTER 19: A Kiss from Me


The city which is located in the eastern and western road is flourishing. It’s bigger than the town of Verna.

However, the outer wall which can be found in Verna can’t be found in this city, Linda.


Since Verna is in a remote area the outer wall is necessary, while the monsters inhabiting near Linda are weak and the soldiers remove them periodically, so the walls are apparently not needed.

The difference between a city and a town also shows from there.


Although the city is as flourishing and as large as I imagined, the town uses an outer wall, and the city does not.

It’s really hard for me to decipher this feature.


We started searching for an inn after getting into the city.

Because I caused our travel movement to slow down, the time was already twilight.

After going from one place to another, we finally found an inn that accommodates horses.

Even though it looks run-down and it’s cheap, I shouldn’t be picky.


Honestly speaking, as long as there’s a bed, that’s already heaven for me. I miss the futon. I’m sick of the ground.

I got dinner with a particular flavor in the inn, then slid into the bed as if I’m about to fall down.

Thanks to Alf’s concern, I managed to get a single room for myself. I should be able to sleep peacefully with this.


I’ve already gone past my physical limit.

Healing magic won’t be able to recover my physical strength so I need to sleep to get it back.


{You look hot, do you want me to wipe your body?}


Because I could feel the meaning implied behind Dy’s kind words, I mustered all my strength to take a sponge bath.


Since this guy will be able to clean my body even without being asked, he must be planning something bad if he’s asking for my permission.


It manifests, and Dy holds my unsteady back.

I somehow managed to get to the bed while being supported.


[Even though there’s no need to do it.]


While saying so, his hands stroke my cheeks and traces my nose, distracting me from sleeping.


[Oi, Dy… It’s really impossible right now. Please let me sleep.]

[Even if you say that, I wasn’t able to get your magic power yesterday.]

[You should be fine even if you missed 2 days without it….]

[But it has already become my daily habit. Ahh~, I’m hungry. I wonder if I should play a prank while you’re asleep. Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad, either.]

[Please stop it.]



His mouth sharpens with dissatisfaction. Are you a spoiled kid? What a waste of such a beautiful face.


As I was thinking thus, his sexiness suddenly spread as he brings his face closer.

His amethyst eyes are reflecting a playful light.


[Then, if I receive a kiss from Rei, I will endure it just for today.]

[Ha….? Why would I?]

[When you offer your magic power yourself, I can receive more of it. If I’m going to give up on the taste, then I’d at least wish for its quantity.]


The demon who is blabbering nonstop talks persistently at me whose eyes are about to close. At this rate, I won’t be able to sleep.


[….Haa, I got it.]

[I did it! Then, kiss me. Of course, in the lips. A deep one.]

[Your requests are shallow.]


I gave up, and I raise my upper body in a languid state, held onto Dy’s shoulders, and brought my lips closer.


I can sleep after this, since my kisses have already been stolen a number of times, there’s no meaning in being reluctant to give just one kiss now.




Dy invited my tongue inside his mouth by sticking his tongue out, so I let my tongue invade inside.

I tease the inside of his hot mouth while remembering how Dy usually did it.


[Fuu… n….]


My voice is somehow leaking out while we’re kissing, but I can’t help it because it feels so good.

After being licked time and time again, I ended up remembering how good it felt.


As I pass Dy my magic power while consciously touching him, I somewhat understand what he said when my magic power has decreased more than usual.


I licked the inside of his mouth for a while, and a *chuu* sound was made when our lips parted. A thread of saliva stretched.


[Fufu, now it’s over with this. Thanks for the meal.]

[Haa, I can finally sleep.]

[Thanks for your hard work, goodnight, Rei.]


The deeply satisfied Dy kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. Since he usually immediately disappears every time we finish, this is rare.


However, I guess it’s not so bad to sleep while being hugged by someone.

My consciousness is rapidly sinking. The moment I closed my eyes, I fell asleep.


That’s why I didn’t notice.


Due to my sleepiness and languidness, I didn’t realize that someone was watching me from the gap of the door that was left open.