Four Ikemen Chapter 18

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts




Chapter 18: Milk and Thunder

When the morning came, I was wearing clothes like usual. That guy’s only devoted at times like this.

He’s probably going to use the excuse that the taste of my magic power will taste bad once I catch a cold.

Alf and Ciel were awake earlier than me like usual.

They’re acting normally, making me feel relieved that they did not notice anything in particular yesterday.

They seem to have bought milk from a villager who owns a cow, and our breakfast is made of bread and milk.

[Oh, if there’s milk please give me some, too.]

The devil who is supposed to be sleeping in the morning suddenly appeared, making Alf and Ciel become wary.

Dy selfishly poured milk into my cup and started drinking elegantly.

With three gorgeous people gathered, they made the place look sacred even though it’s just an old private house. Ah, these guys are too dazzling.

[I really like milk, you see. Next time there’s milk, buy a lot of it.]

[We have no obligation to listen to your orders.]

[Do demons consume other things aside from magic power?]

Alf dangerously pointed his sword, Ciel showed pure surprise.

[Since it’s a luxury item, my stomach won’t get full with just this much.]

Dy laughed towards Ciel and sends Alf a meaningful look.

[If I don’t have a portion then I can just take Rei’s, though. Ohh, I see. Poor Rei.]

[You bastard….]

It will be tiresome if it turns into a quarrel in the morning so I resolutely gave my milk to the devil.

[Dy, at least leave some a bit for me. Alf, too, if you keep flaring up then your body won’t last.]

[…You’re right, and it’s a waste of time.]

[That’s right. If you just prepare a bit more milk then it will be fine after all.]

[Don’t spout any more nonsense, once you’re finished drinking then hurry and go back.]

[Yes yes, Swordsman-kun sure is harsh.]

Dy took his time and only finished drinking when we’re almost at the end of our meal.

He’s completely taunting Alf.

The moment he gave to me the tiny amount of milk left, the devil happily said ‘it’s like an indirect kiss, isn’t it?’, so Alf gave me the rest of his milk with an angry mark(that vein thingy) showing on his forehead. Alf is such a gentleman.

[Huu, that was delicious. Although the thickness can’t be compared, the taste is alright.*] (TN: Y’know what he means.)

[….What are you talking about?]

[Of course it Rei’s mil….]

[WAHー! You go back!]

I managed to deceive the two’s doubt, then we left the village.

It takes 3 days before we reach the next town so we need to camp outside before then.

Even though I was able to sleep at a place with beds, but because of Dy I wasn’t able to rest well.

If I didn’t keep on using healing magic on myself for the previous two days, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to last long. I’m worried about the future…

We managed to proceed on schedule, and when there’s only one day before the village.

Fortunately, it started pouring later in the day so we decided to secure a place and prepared to camp.

We’ll be using a tent for three people today. It might be cramped but it can’t be helped.

Since only one person can sit at the entrance of the tent, the other two other than the lookout will have to sleep.

Because we’re unable to use fire, we used the dried meat as a substitute for dinner.

Just as I expected, no, I got more tired than I had expected so I decided to take a rest and told Alf who was giving his all in guarding that I’ll leave it to him.

Either way even if I’m accompanying him in his watch, all I can do is chat and the guarding will be left to Dy and Alf. Totally futile.

Even though Dy shows himself every night, he shouted ‘What the heck, this place is too cramped!’ and disappeared.

It looks like he doesn’t like to show up in narrow spaces.

Well that’s obvious, it’s already cramped with three people inside it, so there’s no more space for a fourth person to sit anywhere.

[I will be using this space here up to here. Don’t get inside it.]

Ciel traced a boundary line within the narrow tent, and covered it with a mantle. I won’t approach it even if you ask me to.

I usually sleep at the same time Alf goes to bed, and somehow I can’t fall asleep.

As expected Ciel will probably wake up if we talk, I’m troubled.

The rain struck the tent vigorously and thunder strikes from time to time. Every time it does, the lighting shines through the tent that I can’t calm down. The temperature is also lower than usual and it’s cold.

The thoughtful King of Ikemen offered me his cloak but the entrance of the tent is colder, so I refused him this time. I curled myself as much as possible to avoid the heat from escaping.

The time to switch lookouts has come while I am unable to sleep.

Alf is a worrywart, so he might not let me take over if he finds out I haven’t slept so I pretended to be sleeping.

After gently stroking my hair, I could feel him sit where Ciel is sleeping.

I seem to have deceived him well.

The thunderstorm continued until dawn, and I ended up not having a satisfactory sleep until morning came.

[Rei, you look sleepy. Did you not get enough sleep last night?]

[Aah, well. There’s no problem, aren’t we about to arrive in a town? I can just get some sleep there.]

[If you say so then it’s fine.]

The next day, I clung onto the horse’s back like rowing a ship in danger while being somewhat supported by Alf.

[Are you scared of thunder, Little Kid? Why don’t you go back to your village and get consoled by your mother?]

Ciel ridiculed.I could ignore his sarcastic behavior when I’m feeling well, but when I’m told that while feeling languid and very sleepy I become irritated.

[Don’t call me a little kid.]

[Because isn’t that right? What’s wrong with calling a small person little?]


[Hmph! You can just get spoiled by Alf. I don’t care about you, but I want Alf to be happy. Stop stalling around and just quickly accept him.]


When Alf rebuked him for the second time, Ciel shrugged his shoulders while saying ‘my, my’.

[Alf, aren’t you burdened? No matter how small and light he is, you’re bound to get tired after holding him for a long time, right?]

[Something like this is nothing. Rei, I will support you so you can sleep.]

[No, I’ll do my best.]

I opened my eyes wide with fighting spirit and somehow managed to survive until we got to the town.