Four Ikemen Chapter 16

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts




Chapter 16: Forgiving Alf


As Alf and Ciel switched watching, I also went to sleep until morning.

It seems the fatigue has accumulated after all.


We’ll be on top of the horse again, huh… I secretly used water magic on my aching butt to help it recover. Since the pain has subsided a little, I think I can ride again without any problem.


I went outside the tent, cooked food for the two waiting outside, ate it, and then rode the horse.


Alf didn’t bring up the matter yesterday and was interacting with us normally. Although his curious gaze is more annoying than yesterday, Ciel’s unquestioning attitude is a small change.


I’m really concerned about it, but I don’t feel like minding it.

Whether it’s touching me from time to time, or enclosing his arms just to properly hold the reins, it doesn’t bother me at all, I absolutely don’t mind it at all okay?!


I almost bit my tongue when I was speaking while riding the horse yesterday, was the reason I used so I didn’t open my mouth much along the way, so I didn’t spend my time painfully by only listening to Ciel and Alf exchange words sometimes.


Since Alf often notices when we need to take a small break, even someone inexperienced in riding a horse like me can keep up with them.


Dy also sometimes came out on a whim and repelled monsters with magic, and apart from Alf glaring at him peaceful times passed.


We will also be digesting our schedule today as if nothing’s going on, then prepare for camping.

Today’s meal will be the wild bird that was hunted during the day. Ciel hunted the prey with the bow and Alf processed the meat by baking it with a covered pan. The taste was very popular.


Especially Alf, he repeatedly said “delicious!”, making me wonder just how terrible the food they ate during their camping.


If we also have other seasonings other than salt and herbs, I could’ve made more delicious food.


Now then, the night to keep watch has once again come.

Today too, Alf is stumped on how to make me take a rest, and Ciel immediately dove into the tent.


Should I dive into the tent together with the unsociable Ciel, or should I keep watch with the somewhat awkward Alf?

Whichever I choose, it feels uncomfortable. What to do?


[Rei, can we talk for a bit?]


Alf asked me, and after a brief hesitation I sat down beside the fire that was enough for a few people.

Alf exhaled as if relieved after I sat down. After a while, he started talking.


[I told you that I wanted to cherish your feelings, but I ended up forcing you to do something you didn’t like. I’m really sorry.]


Alf clenched his fists and repented. His shaded outline illuminated by the fires is sorrowful.


[….. It’s nothing, it’s fine already. I think it was Dy’s fault, and that, it would be good if it doesn’t happen again.]


Since he honestly told me he’s sorry, I accepted his apology. In the first place, I was just shocked and not angry.


[Rei…. Are you willing to forgive me? … Thank you.]


The swordsman’s eyes looking at me are a little moist. Even though he seems to be hiding his fingers but they look like they’re trembling slightly, and I realize that ‘Ah, so this guy truly likes me’.


He’s a nice guy who is gentlemanly, amiable, and honest. Just why did he fall for someone like me?


[You are very attractive. Although I swore to never ignore your will, if you keep scattering your charm defenseless around me, I might end up doing foolish things again. If I did, you can just bite my tongue. That, or you can hit my crotch with your knee*. Even if I’m the one who’s hurting you, it’s still unforgivable.] (TN: That’s pure dedication right there.)

[No, that’s definitely going to hurt, won’t it?!  It’s fine, there’s no need to go that far. I said that it was Dy’s fault so you don’t have to feel responsible.]


Alf is too serious, I’ll be troubled if he thinks too much.


[I’m sorry my strength wasn’t enough. No matter what, we must meet with the Pope, and  remove the bangle for sure.]

[That’s right, that’s for the best.]

[What, are you planning to chase me away?]


Once again, Dy came out. Since he appears without warning, he always ends up hearing our conversations.


[Demon King…]

[Uwaah, how scary. You don’t have to glare at me like that, weren’t you able to make a good memory because of me?]


Dy exaggeratingly trembled while embracing his own shoulders. He’s not the least bit scared.

As evidence, his mouth seems to be quivering as if he’s holding his laughter and his eyes are shining.


[Dy, if you keep on doing things like that, I will seriously hate you.]

[A mad Rei is also adorable.]



Since I figured it won’t work no matter what I say, I decided to ignore the devil.


[The Pope must be an exceptional person, is he a person we can meet just because we want to?]

[If it’s an adventurer, that is. But I have a way. I can’t guarantee it, but he might meet with us.]

[Doing such a thing is futile.]

[You be quiet.]


Alf is treating Dy as an enemy. His bloodlust is overflowing.


Because I didn’t react, he teased Alf as my substitute, and then Dy took the great timing to disappear when he’s(Alf) about to snap from irritation.


Since the target of his fury has disappeared, Alf started trembling because of a different reason. That devil really has such a terrible personality.


After eating a light meal during the day, the village came to our sights. As the area expands, bungalow houses are standing.


There is no inn so once we gave the village chief some coins, he took us to an unused house. It looked worn-out.


There’re two rooms with beds.

Although it’s just a simple bed made of wood covered with straw and sheets, it’s much more comfortable than the tent where the feeling of the ground is directly transmitted.


{Hey, Rei, don’t share a room with someone.}


While I was carrying the sheets I borrowed, Dy talked to me.

‘Haa? Why should I take orders from you?’ Or so I replied inside my head.


{Are you sure that’s okay? I’m going to eat your magic power tonight, you know? Even though I proposed it out of my concern for you.}


Dy is going to eat my magic power… Will he be doing those erotic things he did to me like he did the first time we met?


I turned pale instead of blushing.


{I don’t particularly care, though? Playing around with Swordsman-kun is fun, and I also want to see how the Elf boy will react.}


Got it, I’ll take a separate room.


After eating the black bread shared by the villagers and the roasted white wolf that was today’s prey, I enter my room.


[Rei, the Demon King might come out again, isn’t it better to stay beside us?]

[It’s alright, that guy’s my guardian after all. He wouldn’t seriously do something I dislike… probably.]

[Is that so… if something happens in the middle of the night then call out in a very loud voice. I’ll immediately come.]

[Yup, I’ll do that. Goodnight Alf, Ciel.]

[Just please take a rest so as to not inconvenience us. You’re already as weak as you can be.]


Not wanting to reply to Ciel’s usual sharp words, I firmly endured and turned my back.


I don’t want to waste my energy on useless things when I know that an event that’s going to require my physical strength is waiting for me.