Four Ikemen Chapter 15

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

Chapter 15: The First Night Watch


We leave the fire started for cooking as it is, and decided on the order of the night watch. Even though I said I can keep watch, I was told to rest because I’m not used to riding a horse so my strength has depleted.


[You should be tired, so don’t mind it and just rest.]

[As if I can rest when I’m the only one who’s not on a night watch. I’m going to keep watch, too.]


Alf and I have reached a deadlock with no one willing to give in. Ciel must’ve gotten fed up with the ongoing fight that he strongly stood up.


[Really idiotic, since you’re just a weak magician, you should just go to sleep. But if you insist, why don’t you keep watch with Alf. I’ll go to sleep. It’s noisy so don’t make a ruckus.]


Ciel looked irritated with his arched brows in a frown as he entered his tent.


[Rei, you sleep, too.]

[I don’t want to.]


I sit next to Alf and hold my knees. He sighed in my unbending attitude.


[Just tell me whenever you get sleepy.]

[I won’t say it because I won’t get sleepy.]


Alf who seems to have given up on my stubborn attitude took his eyes off me to find the meadow. A refreshing wind was blowing.

Even though it was comfortable during the day, it’s chilly during the night. I hug my arms to not lose the heat. Alf who saw it offered his cloak.


[Wear this.]



He’s so thoughtful, that’s why ikemen are such… Even his behavior is sleek, just how can  I contend against him with my feminine features and weak appearance? And I can’t even tell him how my butt hurts from being shaken by the horse because it sounds uncool.


By the way, this guy said he likes me or something, but what attitude should I show towards him? How awkward.


I still don’t plan to go to sleep, but I wonder which is more awkward when comparing it to me sleeping in the same tent as that unsociable Ciel?


I let my eyes swim around as I secretly peek beside me. His sky-blue pupils fit his almond eyes perfectly as if it’s customized for it1. His indigo blue hair that’s been tied up together is being blown by the wind.


Even though his appearance is far different from that of a Japanese person, I can feel the air of samurai coming from him. He will probably look good in a hakama while carrying a katana.


[It’s still the start of Spring so the nights will grow colder. You can go and stay near the fire.]


The way he treats me and cares for me is just like a knight.

The way he ate his meal looked very elegant and the name he’s hiding was kind of long, maybe he’s a part of an aristocrat house.


[Do you often camp outside?]

[When one becomes an A-rank adventurer, there are times when we hunt monsters from a distant place so I’m used to it. How about you?]

[When I arrived at the city, all I did was lodge in. Leaving that aside, have you been in a party with Ciel for a long time?]


I don’t want him to ask so much about me, I feel like he’ll discover my lies. I bluntly changed the topic but Alf went along.


[I think it will be three years now. Before that, both Ciel and I weren’t in any particular party. Back then, I used to form a temporary party for newbies and cultivate talented people. Since the survival rate of newcomers in a remote town is low, I wanted to do something about it.]


I thought Alf approached me with an ulterior motive, but it seems like he’s always done such a bothersome thing. He sure has a lot of free time.


[At that time, I met Ciel. I will omit the details, but we solved a certain case together. And then we hit it off and decided to form a party. Since then, he’s in charge of the rearguard so I can fight free of worry in the front. He’s also taught me magic, and now I have a good command of it. A party is a good thing, Rei. We can cover each other’s disadvantages and develop your strong points.]

[You weren’t good with magic?]

[Before, that’s the case. Ciel is the best when it comes to magic, Rei can also ask him questions.]

[I can’t see him answering me honestlyー]

[He was also like that when I first met him, but he’s actually a caring guy once you get to know him, you know? Even when I used to foster newcomers, he always complained while casting magic.]


What’s with that, is he a tsundere?


[Although it may take some time, I sincerely wish to form a good party with you. I feel very comfortable when I’m with you, or how should I put it… I was curious the first time I met you, but I got attracted to you as more days passed. I find it strange myself, though.]


Oh, that’s just because of my magic power. You’re just attracted to my magic power and not in me personally, I tell you. I want to tell him that but I’m hiding my magic power so I can’t say it.


[R, really? I think it’s just your imagination though.]

[As if it can be my imagination. Rei, I want to keep you away from those that can harm you, and this heart of mine that really wants to touch is not a lie.]


Alf holds my hands as he stares at me. He gently touches the palms of my hands, I drop my eyes.


[Such soft, tender hands…. you must have been raised as a magician who doesn’t need to do fieldwork back in your village. I want to protect and keep these hands beautiful. Please leave the vanguard to me and don’t do anything dangerous.]


I’m not sure whether he’s trying to persuade me or he’s worried about me. Alf caresses the palms of my hands as if confirming its shape. His touch is so gentle it tickles. I feel nervous.


[A, Alf, that tickles.]

[Ohh, sorry.]


The swordsman immediately lets go of my hands while blushing. How straight-laced, even though he should be famous among women with his looks, what’s with this inexperienced reaction? This is making even me embarrassed.


[To only be able to hold hands, aren’t you guys too shy? Try being bold.]

[! D, Demon King!]

[Dy?! Since when have you been watching?!]

[From around the time when Swordsman-kun said he’s fallen for you, I guess.]

[You, call out earlier!]

[Why? If I see something that looks fun, shouldn’t I watch it first?]


Dy showed a complacent smile as he narrows his eyes with his chin resting in his hand.


[Swordsman-kun, you know, it was such a good atmosphere so you could’ve done a kiss or two. Oh, could it be you don’t have the confidence? Do you want me to show you how?]

[Stop speaking nonsense, what do you want?]


Alf who was made fun of threatened in a low voice.


[What I want? I’ve come to take Rei’s magic power, of course. Do you know how devils replenish our magic power? We do it like this.]


~~ It’s not R-rated but it’s almost the same. – Author-san.~~

Dy held my chin up while giving me a flirtatious look. I was having a really bad feeling so quickly tried to get away but I was too late.


[Dy, sto~, mnh!]

[Rei! Devil King, let Rei go!]


With my face turned upwards, he plunges his tongue inside my mouth. He’s licking the back of my teeth and saliva is poured in, I tried resisting but my magic invocation was easily stopped. Alf is also blocked by a magical wall and was unable to interfere.


After the devil violated my mouth to supplement the used magic power during the day, he licked his lips satisfyingly after releasing my lips from the kiss.

While Dy was supporting my weakened hips, Alf stared at him full of bloodlust.


[What? Were you jealous? You should just also do it, Swordsman-kun, it feels really good.]

[What kind of nonsense are talking abou… tsk! Rei, are you alright?]


Dy withdrew the barrier and had Alf take me, and with his eyebrows furrowed, he checked whether I, whose magic powers have been sucked, am injured.


[Haa… I’m okay… huu, just, a bit breathless.]


[Hm? What is it, Alf…]


I had not noticed that Dy has brought out the sensuality in me, and I’m showing a sublime look. Blushing cheeks, teary eyes, half-opened red lips. The sight stirred Alf‘s passion and evoked an irresistible urge to kiss.


[Swordsman-kun, you don’t have to hold yourself back, you know? Rei doesn’t seem to hate feeling good, either. The night before, he also cried cutely. Doesn’t Swordsman-kun also want to hear Rei’s cute voice?]


The devil’s whisper has melted Alf‘s reason. The delicate body in his arms feels so hot, inviting the swordsman with erratic breathing.




[Wha, muu?! Umuu! Nh!!!]


I was kissed so fiercely as if he’s trying to take my breath away. Hah? Why is even Alf kissing me?! Wait, I’m suffocating, time out!


[Rei, breathe through your nose and exhale, you’re doing good.]


Ah, it got a bit easier… that’s not it! Dy, you bastard, stop what you you inciting Alf to do!



[Rei, Rei… ugh]


Alf seems to be at his wit’s end as he sucks on my mouth. Pushing the tip of his tongue, he zealously stimulated my mouth, the body that Dy has enhanced started to once again heat up.


[Fu… no, moree… ugh]

[! Ah, ahh, what have I done…]


Alf returned to himself after hearing my weak resistance, and I could finally breathe satisfyingly.


[Fufu, this is good, as long as Rei gets used to this, you will become even more delicious. Let’s stop here for now, and I will come back again to take your magic powers, Rei.]


The devil kissed me and then melted in the darkness.

An awkward silence surrounds us.


[….I, am going to sleep.]

[Y, yeah. I’m sorry, Rei.]



I crawled into Ciel’s sleeping tent. Ciel seems to be asleep, I’m glad, if he ended up seeing us then I will die from embarrassment.


Dy, that bastard, just what the hell had he done? The things that guy finds amusing and will make my magic power more delicious is something I want to avoid. Just what kind of face am I going to face Alf with tomorrow?!!!



1- 切れ長の目に、そのために誂えたような涼しい空色の瞳がはまっている。(I just went with what I think is the closest meaning. If it’s wrong, please do tell me. Thanks.)