Four Ikemen Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Beginning of the Journey, Geography, And Country Name


Morning. It’s a fresh morning, it’s a refreshing morning. The me from yesterday was crazy. DEFEAT THE DEMON! I won’t let him do as he pleases!


For that reason, I must immediately get to Sacred City and remove the bangle. I will also part ways with Alf and co. and form a party with people who don’t look at me with weird eyes!


This morning, I’m strangely full of motivation. I confirmed that I didn’t forget anything and headed downstairs with light footsteps.


[Good morning, Rei-san! So you’re already leaving.]

[Good morning, Poppy. Thanks for everything. I will stay here again when I come back to this town.]

[Yes, I’ll be waiting!]


I took my breakfast and energetically left the inn. Since everything, including my change of clothes, is placed inside the space of darkness, I can leave with just myself. (He doesn’t need to carry anything else.)


I purchase food from the stalls lined up at the moment.

Unlike the item bag, the space made from Dark magic has time stopped inside it so it can carry food without spoiling it.

After buying the necessary stuff such as seasonings and whetstone for knives, I head to the guild.


[Good morning, Rei. I heard that you’re leaving the town with Alf’s party?

[So you already know about it. That’s right, that’s why I’ve come here to say goodbye.]


Marie made her way through the crowd of people looking for requests and called out.


[I’m surprised since there are only the two of them as party members and I know that they’re planning on increasing their member but to think that it’s you. You have a promising future ahead so once you’re back in town, I’m looking forward to your heroic tales.]


No, it’s not like I’m going to be a part of their party. Even if I try to solve the misunderstanding, Marie was already dealing with the next request and it’s not a good situation to call out.


[Oi, did you see, that guy is Alf’s.]

[Did he say it was love at first sight? Although he certainly has a beautiful face,  isn’t he still a kid?]

[That’s why he’s taking him in early on. And he’s apparently strong despite how he looks.]

[Aah~, I should’ve called out to him from the beginning. He’s mysteriously seductive, my eyes unconsciously follow him.]

[I get what you’re saying, it’s tantalizing.]


It’s starting to become a rumor. Also my magical powers, you’re spreading too much charm that everyone is looking at me.

It’ll be troublesome if I stay here any longer and get called out, so I decided to leave earlier.


We’re going to meet in front of the town gate so I’m heading there. I can see their sparkling appearance even from a distance.

Alf is holding on to the reins of a brown horse, and Ciel is holding onto a palomino horse’s reins.


[Rei, good morning. You didn’t forget anything?]


Alf called out with a cheerful expression. Ciel runs his eyes all over my body.


[Is your luggage inside your item bag? You don’t seem to have any endurance so I guess it’s better to be empty-handed.]


After I managed to convince them, I called out to the gate guard then went out of the gate.

We’re moving on horses all throughout the way. Since I can’t ride a horse, I sit in front of Alf.


Although I feel apprehensive entrusting myself to the guy who said he likes me, I was told that it will take double the time if we don’t use horses.

I was nervous when the hard breastplate hit my back, but I was told that I’ll get used to it soon so concentrated on matching with the horse’s oscillation.


After running a certain distance, Alf hesitantly asked.


[Has the demon awakened yet?]

[He said he’s not going to do anything during mornings. He should be coming out when I’m in danger.]


When I was talking about the whole story about the bangle’s attachment to me, and also the details about the contract and its bad parts ambiguously, Ciel interrupted.


[I heard that the Demon King needs an enormous amount of magic power the people are unable to hold. Even though the life force will also run out when the magic power is exhausted, why are you still living as if nothing’s going on?]


[Rei, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. If someday you think it’s alright to talk to us then you can tell us. Ciel should also be fine with that, right?]


Alf said with a gentle expression and scolded Ciel.

The golden-haired elf was unsatisfied, but he stopped pursuing the matter after being admonished that everyone has things they don’t want others to know.


[Thank you, Alf.]

[I want to treasure your feelings. Even though we forcibly tagged along with you, I plan to show you my sincerity through my actions in order to gain your trust.]


Alf said in a composed and sincere tone. He might be a little cool.


[Isn’t this your first time traveling? Since we’re used to it, you can rely on us on whatever.]

[Can you please not count me in? You should take care of him, Alf.]


[…Well, if Alf is busy, I can look after him.]


Ciel consented reluctantly.

I pretended to be from a small unknown village and directly came to the city so I don’t know about any other places other than those. Hearing that, Alf courteously explained to me the geography.


Leaving the city we came from, Verna, we head east on the main road.

We’re currently at the Yodelia1 country, and the Holy City Ruphia2 is in the Sacred Country, Habartalt3. Ruphia is the capital city.

It will take half a month to get to Ruphia by horse it seems. At any rate, Yodelia country huh, I feel like I’ve heard somewhere. Perhaps the adventurers said it before since it’s the name of this country.


[We’ll probably be camping today and tomorrow. We will stay in a village the day after tomorrow, then head to the border that will take three days by taking the road going from east to west4. From there, a lot of shops and inns will be scattered along the highway so it will be an easy journey. Until then, it might be difficult for your body, but please don’t hesitate to say it if you don’t feel good.]


It seems there are fewer towns and villages around Verna. I’ve never slept outdoors before, will my endurance last?


Every time a monster attacks, Ciel vanguards with his archery and magic. After several breaks, we run through the grasslands until the daylight has turned yellow.


[We’re stopping here for today.]


At Alf’s words as the leader, we decided to spend the night here. We choose a place where the view is good and easy to see enemies charging in and set our tents.

The two of them moved with experienced hands. I also wanted to help but I didn’t even have the chance to do so.


Ciel takes out firewood, vegetables, and rabbit meat from his item bag.

[I will arrange the firewood, Aleph will cook.]

[It’s your turn this time because didn’t I do it last time?]


As the two pushes each other to do the cooking, I immediately raise my hand.


[I will do it!]

[Can you do it? Then I leave it to you.]


The rabbit’s blood has already been drained, fur has already been skinned, and it’s already divided into different parts making it not hard to treat it as chicken meat.

I cut it into bite-sized and then season it with salt and herbs I bought earlier. I also prepare soup with vegetables suitable for it.


[Here, go ahead.]

[Thank you…. This is delicious!]

[Hmph, it’s average.]


I’ve always liked cooking since before, and I used to cook back at home. Because the city is in a remote region, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of(variety) seasonings available so it’s just a simple flavor, but I’m glad they like it.


Alf has a big appetite, and Ciel is also busily moving his hand with his spoon while saying ‘It’s not that bad’.


Although I ended up making a more than I intended, the three of us managed to completely eat it all up.


[Rei is really good at cooking, it was very delicious. Can we leave it to you again?]

[Of course.]


I’m glad I can be useful, too.



1 – ヨーデリア

2 – ルーフィア

3 – ハバルタルト

4 – 東西道