Four Ikemen Chapter 13

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 13: The Night Before the Departure


After that, as the battle royal tag game with sword and magic flying past each other continues, Alf probably thought things aren’t progressing anywhere. He lowers his sword.

Dy also slows down as they stop.


They casually ignored the tired me and started a discussion, and it seems like it’s decided that the two will be coming with me after all.

Are they disregarding my opinion? Since I was too tired to even oppose, I decided to just accept it. I’ll look for a gap and run away.

[Best regards from now on. I haven’t given on you yet, get to know me from here on, and then please give thinking about it another chance.]
[It’s not I think of you as my comrades. But it won’t be good to let the curse be so I will allow you to accompany me.]

Alf has a big smile, while Ciel sounds angry as he replies.

[Aah, yeah. Whatever.]
[Your sulking face also looks adorable. What is it, you wanna go back to the town?]

Dy rubs our cheeks together while I’m still in his arms. This guy probably mistakes me for a pet or something.

[Demon King, Rei doesn’t like it.]
[Eeh~, that’s not true, is it?]

Even as Alf reprimanded him, Dy still held me as if it doesn’t concern him and flew back to the town’s road.
Alf is bitterly looking at me, Ciel looks astonished while watching us, and only the demon is in a good mood.

He let me down in front of the gate and we pass through it. Dy doesn’t have a guild card to pass through the gate so he hid in the darkness.
I got tired today so I planned to eat at the inn so I parted ways with Alf and Ciel.

The two of them said they didn’t take any particular quest so they can leave tomorrow.
I don’t have anything special to do here either, so I will be good to go after settling my bills in the inn.

Alf and Ciel both have what they need the most for this trip, so we decided to depart tomorrow.

[Welcome back, Rei-san! What’s wrong, are you tired?]

Poppy cheerfully greeted me at the Wheat-Basket Pavilion. I feel healed stroking her dark-green hair.

[Yeah, well, a lot of things happened. I’ve decided to leave the inn tomorrow, is it possible to withdraw the rest of the payment I gave in advance?]
[Eh, you’re leaving? We charge a bit of cancellation fee, but it’s possible to withdraw it.]

I asked Poppy for the refund, paid the fee and asked for my meal.

[It’s too bad since there’s not a lot of adventurers who are easy to talk to like Rei-san.]

When I first saw you, you’re as pretty as a woman and I thought you’d be hard to talk to but you’re unexpectedly friendly! She said with a cute smile.

Yeah, it’s also because of this appearance that I’m so popular among guys, which is a very troublesome thing. I can’t get angry when given such honest praise.

There were few people in early hours for dinner, so I ate dinner as I ask Poppy what things I need for traveling.

I return to my room and dive in the bed. I will be sleeping outside starting tomorrow, huh… I’ve never camped outside before, but will I be able to sleep properly? Can I put a bed in the infinite dark space and bring it with me? I probably can’t, huh.

I enjoyed rolling around in bed, wiped my body with hot water and changed my clothes, and all that’s left is to sleep. I felt a sensation on the bangle on my arm and when I looked at it, Dy appeared and hugged me from behind.

[Are you tired? Your magic power’s flow is stagnated.]

From the place where Dy’s palm touched, I feel a warm heat spread across my body. It’s a wonderful feeling as if sunbathing in the sunshine, I entrust my body to him while entranced.

[With this, it’s alright. The flow has once again revived.]
[I can feel my fatigue fading a little… Thank you.]
[It’s better to do it in order to eat a delicious magic power.]

So it’s not for my sake but for his own appetite. I take back my gratefulness.

[That’s right, you, don’t tell those guys about my magic power. I don’t want rumors to spread and get me in trouble.]

[Yes yes, I understand, I understand. As long as the Dragon Race, who can see magic powers, and magicians don’t look deeply, they won’t be able to measure it, so no rumors will spread even if you don’t concern yourself too much. And there’s no one who can see even attributes like me.]


Dy seems to be knowledgeable regarding magic power. I can’t see its flow on other people, to say nothing of pointing it out.
When I entrust him my back, I can hear the sound from his heart. Its constant rhythm gives me of the feeling of security.

I thought this guy’s real body is the bangle, but he’s really alive. Demons are so mysterious.

[Dy, what are demons? Why are you sealed in the bangle?]
[Demons are creatures who eat magic powers. It’s because our bodies are composed differently compared to humans and other races…]
[Hm, fuah]

He held my head with his palm as if to grab it, then forcefully turned it around and stole my lips. Whenever he lightly bites my lips followed with the tongue, heat ignites.
Feels good… before I knew it, I already accepted the kiss.

[So just like this, we live off by eating magic power. Thanks for the meal today, too.]

I got kissed like last time without answering the second half of my question. I lay down the bed as if falling down, ruminating on how good I felt.

Even though I thought ‘It’s gross to do it with a fellow man, you’ve gotta be kidding’, I wonder what happened to me?
Kami-sama’s blessing is too effective that I start thinking it’s not so bad to be eaten if it feels this good.

There are a lot of things I want to think about, but exhaustion called the drowsiness and my consciousness fell into the land of dreams.