Four Ikemen Chapter 11

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : FLuffthoughts


Chapter 11: Picking a Fight


When we reached the town, Dy returned to the space of dark magic. He doesn’t seem to like crowded places.

If he starts walking around the town with that gorgeous face of his, he will be like a flower attracting insects and that would be troublesome so I’m glad he went back.


I go to the guild to liquidate today’s results. Since I got the materials from high-leveled monsters, I plan to sell it to them.


By the way, because I had Dy teach me how to create a space with Dark magic, I became able to preserve things such as raw materials.

The amount that can be placed in it corresponds to the amount of magical power, so in my case, it seems like I am able to carry the whole castle, not to mention a house.


Buying the item bag has become useless, huh… no, it seems like it’s rare to use Dark magic like that so I can use it as a camouflage.


[Oh my, Rei, you hadn’t taken any requests today, are you selling raw materials?]

[That’s right, where can it be assessed? I have a lot with me, you see.]

[Then let’s have it looked at the assessment counter inside. Right this way.]


Mari lead me towards the inner counter. The Counter-nee-san has a straight, blond hair with fox-like eyes, she looks like a secretary. I was instructed to take out the materials..


Goblin’s ears × 47, white wolf’s fang × 16, oak ears × 6, killer bit horns × 8, red bear fur × 2, blue snake scales × 3, rock golem’s magic stone × 4, ladder dragon Scales × 1, and the medicinal plants collected along the way are placed on the desk.


After I finished taking out enough materials to bury the entire counter, the Nee-san was stunned.


[Excuse me, may I ask for your guild card?]


I presumed it would be bad if the noticed the rapid speed I leveled up so I hid everything else aside from my name and rank and when I handed my card to her, she seriously compared my card and the raw materials(level).


[There’s a raw material from a B-ranked dragon mixed in… It said that you did not form a party, did you perhaps took it down by yourself?]

[No, I got a high-leveled person to help me.]

[….Was that how it was? Then, I shall start to appraise it.]


The Nee-san nodded as if convinced and started checking for its condition. I did take down everything except the blue snake, but I’m not lying.


[Thank you for waiting. Here’s the assessed price.]


In all, I got 8 gold coins, 6 silver coins, and 3 copper coins. I earned quite a lot, maybe I should go again tomorrow.


I put my money in the infinite space and was planning to return to the inn but when I went out the guild’s door, a voice called out to me.


[Rei! You were safe!]



Alf runs towards me wearing a refreshing smile. It seems like he wasn’t holding it against me when I escaped last time, he’s worried about me instead. Ugh, I feel guilty.

As I let him touch my body like my shoulders and arms as he pleased while asking if I was injured, Ciel was frowning his brows behind him.


[Alf, he’s a beginner. If we concern ourselves too much with him, he will forget his place.]

[He only needs to cooperate with us. Ciel also said that it would be nice to have an additional member.]

[Stop joking. A beginner who doesn’t even have his own staff, if we include such a midget who doesn’t even have a clue on how to work with a party, he’ll only drag us down.]


His statement got to me. I glared at Ciel who is half a head taller than me.


[I can still defeat monsters even without a staff, besides, I will also be fine even without a party. I, too, will refuse to work with a prejudiced bastard like you.]

[What did you say?]

[Ciel, calm down. Rei, too, I’m sorry, he’s not like usually like this.]


As Alf mediated, Ciel glared at me with an irritated expression.


[I only said the truth.]

[The truth? Even though you don’t know anything about me, you’re just a thoughtless fool who arbitrarily decides what the truth is.]

[This guy!]

[Stop it! Rei… If you’re going to say it like that, can you show me your strength? I got worried about you being an adventurer when I touched your body awhile ago. As long as you’re fine with it, I’m thinking that would like to protect you.]


Every single one of them, selfishly saying that I’m delicate, weak, or that I’m cute!

I’m not so weak to the point that I need to be protected!


[I will show it to you, then! I will go with you tomorrow morning. Once you think that you’re mistaken, you better apologize to me!]

[Hmph, fine then.]


The bastard Ciel dared to snort at me. Alf glared at him, though, so I walked past him without saying anything. I walk through the road towards the inn.


After arriving at the inn, I ate my meal and then returned to my room… my head has cooled down and I utterly regretted what I did.

Even though I decided to behave behind the scene so that I don’t stand out to avoid attracting trouble to myself because my magic power is a cheat.

Because I accepted a match like that, won’t the chances of discovering my peculiarity jump up?


[Uwaaa I’m such an idiotー]

[Fufufu, it’s somehow turned into something interesting, hasn’t it?]

[Dy! How dare you hide behind the scenes during such a dire situation. If you were there, I would’ve been able to say ‘This guy is here so it’s fine.’ Ah, it should be fine even if it’s from now on.]

[Since it looks fun, I plan to hide the whole day tomorrow.]


Dy is grinning as if to make fun of me.


[HAH!? Aren’t you the great Demon-sama who will help me when I’m in trouble?]

[You’re mistaken, Rei. I’m the great Demon-sama who will rescue you when danger approaches. Rei should’ve understood it yesterday, you can win against B-rank monsters if you push it with your magic powers. There’s no way you will lose to these ordinary monsters. At worst, the threat the indigo-blue-haired swordsman could give you is to steal your virginity so I can just observe from within the darkness.]

[Won’t you be troubled if my chastity was taken?! Won’t my magic power decrease?]

[It won’t, I will stop it if it’s a demon trying to steal your magic power, but he’s human. Rather, the more you feel good and become sensitive, the more delicious the magical power I absorb becomes. Grow up delicious, okay, Rei?]

Even if he whispered with a sweet voice that seems to have a heart mark in it, the contents are as they are, so my face turned blue instead of red.


[Don’t treat me like livestock! You pervert! Brute! Demon!]

[Rei is really like a fox. You keep intimidating me even though you don’t have any fangs, that it only makes you look adorable, you know?]


Dy seems to enjoy nudging me around. It’s useless no matter what I say. Ah, hey, don’t touch my chest!


I was thoroughly played around by Dy, my strength has been completely stolen without even wiping my body, I wearily crept into the bed.