Four Ikemen Chapter 10


Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 10: Rapid Level Up


After leaving the church, I left the city gate and came to the meadow. So it’s easy to encounter monsters, I left the road on foot.


Anyway, once I get stronger, forget doing what they want, those involved with me won’t even want to mess with me.


I plan to fight monsters until sunset to level up.


At the same time, if I hunt monsters that are always in the subjugation quest, I will be hitting 2 birds with one stone so I will actively focus on goblins and wolves.


Basically, the farther I stray from the road, the higher the chances I will meet monsters.


I prepare to cast magic when I see a figure at the end of the meadow and start to fire once it enters my range as I proceed to move inside.


Only a goblin came out and they immediately die with one hit so I burnt it to a crisp, I soon transferred into a field where a lot of trees grow.


I decided to take a lunch break when the sun has climbed up. Because there was a good rock in the shadow of the tree, I sat down. I took my lunch from the item bag.




It’s black bread sandwich with meat and lettuce today. The salt was effective and it’s delicious. It will probably be more delicious if there’s mayonnaise.

In order to check my results throughout the whole morning, I open my status.



Rei Arihara

Lv: 5

HP: 246/246

MP: 67954/68283


I only displayed the parts I need to check.

Lv5 huh, it didn’t rise as much as I had thought. I need to fight stronger enemies.

[Hey, Rei. What are you doing?]

[Heh? Dy! Where have you been?]


The gorgeous and erotic demon appeared without any warning.


[I was in the space of dark magic. Devils aren’t really that active during mornings, you know? I have been resting my body until now. My magic power has been filled and it feels very refreshing.]


Dy stretched his body out with a, Mmー.He didn’t show even a bit of remorse regarding yesterday, he’s omitting his mistakes.


[Hah, you know…. you did all those things to me yesterday, don’t you have something else you want to tell me?]

[What is? Aah, thank you. Your magic power was delicious. I’ll be in your care again once it decreases.]

[No, I don’t want to hear your thanks.]

[Of course even if Rei is taking a rest and danger arrives, I will still protect you according to the contract.]

[That’s not it! I want to say not to absorb my magic powers without my permission!]

[In that case I just have to make it so you will agree.]

[Yo— muu!?]


He firmly pinched my chin and sucked my lips. When I open my mouth to complain, it was easily invaded and was selfishly licked all over.


Our salivas got mixed and swirled together, as pleasure awakens. As my legs seem to have lost its strength, Dy supported me on my hips.


[Fu, mn… haah]

[Rei, you’re starting to feel it. Your face is melting.]

[No more. Stop it.]

[Is that what you really think?]

He started caressing my back, my waist straightened.

[I said wait! We’re outside! Monsters come out here so don’t get excited in a place like this!]

[No matter what appears, I’ll eliminate it so there’s no problem.]

[I’m concerned about it!]


Outdoor sex, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Although I managed to persuade him, he declared that he will absorb my magic power once his got depleted.


[Rei should just be protected by me.]

[I’ll show you that I will be strong enough to not need you!]

[Fu~n, so Rei wants to be strong, then come here.]



Dy picked me into his arms in a princess carry and we lift up to the air.


[It’s more efficient to go where there are stronger monsters, shall we move to the mountain over there?]

[I can also fly so let me down!]

[Now, now, isn’t it fine? You’re going to fight once we get there so you should conserve your strength.]


He promptly said and suddenly accelerated at a speed that I’m unable to get off, I immediately clung on to Dy’s clothes.


It, it’s definitely not because I’m scared or something! It’s just that I will get hurt if I fall, okay!?


The monsters at the mountain are really strong. It’s absolutely not a place a beginner should enter. Because I depend on my magic power to fire off magic, I was able to bombard them from afar, but if I go near I’d definitely be killed with one hit.


The moment a dragon appeared, I couldn’t stop sweating. Anyway, as I was firing off magic like a barrage while saying ‘Stay away!’ , the dragon has unknowingly lost its strength and collapsed.


I’ll say it again, absolutely, this isn’t a place beginners should enter.


Dy defeated the opponent which magic was ineffective. When he picked up the weird stone and threw it, the orochi’s head received a windhole. Its large build fell and collapsed.


So scary… It was so fast I couldn’t see it. A one-hit kill, moreover, his weapon is a weird stone. No matter how many times I level up, I don’t think I can ever win against him.


Even as my energy runs low, it’s a do or die as I desperately fired off magic that my level rose considerably by the time the day was ending.

Rei Arihara

Lv: 42

HP: 1865/1865

MP: 43247 /95312

[Since it’s already night, we should go home.]

Unable to stand the exhaustion, I flew back to town in Dy’s arms.