Four Ikemen Chapter 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


Chapter 1: Different World


By the time I regained my consciousness, I was on a grassy hill with the wind blowing.

[Ooh, the horizon.]

I seem to have appeared in a place surrounded by mountains, as I got taken by the widely spread grassland.
Rather, this is not the time for that. The city…. is it what I’m seeing at the edge of my sight?

[In the meantime, should I go check it out?]

As I walked a bit, I reached the highway, so I walked along it.
Before I knew I was wearing easy-to-walk shoes and robe, looks like Yulius-shin has shown his sincerity.  Having my debut in a different world with pajamas is kind of unsightly.

When I search my pockets, silver and gold coins were put in 10 bags each. I’m thankful.
Next, I check my status. When I said “status open” in my mind, a translucent screen appeared before my eyes.

Rei Arihara
17 years old
Lv: 1
HP: 48/48
MP: 65417/65482
Magic Attribute: Water; Wind; Fire; Earth; Darkness
Skills: Language Conversion; God’s Eye (Limited Ability)
Titles: Raised in A Different World; Spring of Magical Power; God’s Favorite


….Don’t I have too much MP?
Compared to my HP, it’s totally unbalanced. Is it because I lived most of my life indoors without exercising, or is it because there’s too much MP? I want to think that it’s the latter.

I confirm my own body. My hair is straight and black, and it’s not long enough to reach my back. My white skin is also in good health.

I guess my girly face will remain as it is. I regret forgetting to ask for my height to grow taller to look manly.
I should’ve also got my hair cut since it’s already grown out. Oh well, can’t be helped.

As I was walking while being occupied by my thoughts, the city gate came to my view. It seems necessary to have simple identification and money to enter the town the first time. Because the line is divided for horse carriages and travelers, these two, I lined up with the travelers.
I waited for a while until it was my turn. The gatekeeper is an old man with a stubble that gives a wild feeling.

[Oh, young lady. Did you travel alone? Looking at your clothes, you must be either a pharmacist or a magician, can you write?]

My gender was mistaken right from the start. Yup, it hasn’t happened lately but it was normal when I was a kid it’s sad.
Because everybody here is tall, I probably look like a child to them. Because I’m wearing a robe it’s hard to determine my physique so they misunderstand my gender.

Without correcting them that I’m a man, I filled out the necessary information needed on the blank form.Although they’re letters I don’t recognize, I understand it so I write it.

I randomly wrote my place of origin as the village at the base of the mountain three mountains away east from here. When I wrote “male” in the gender section, the man’s eyes widened.

[So you’re not a young girl but a young boy. You’re like an elf.]
[Haven’t you seen one before? How should I put it, both men and women are slender and weak, in exchange their magical power are high. There should be some of them in this city.]

To have elves, as expected of the sword and magic fantasy world. In such circumstances, I wonder if there are also dwarves?]

[Production guild for pharmacists, adventurer’s guild for magicians, which one are you?]

Since I have a lot of magic and I don’t know how to make medicines, I’ll just answer as a Magician. The old man kindly taught me the place of the adventurer’s guild.

I pass the document without problems, I paid a silver coin and passed through the castle gate. Stone buildings of dark beige and red tea are lined up, a medieval European-like townscape expands.

I will first check the Adventurer’s Guild that the old man has told me. Because it’s a single road, it’s impossible to get lost. After entering the city gate, various stalls are lined up along the street. Ah, that bakery looks delicious. I’ll definitely go there later.

As I was walking while checking the signboards, I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild. It has a somewhat fancy design of sword, shield, and staff as its sign. I took a deep breath before opening the door made of wood.