Four Ikemen 90

As he said, Aleph is busy mediating the two countries, helping out his brother in the castle and visiting the Holy Emperor as a representative. 


But he always makes sure to return every night using the passage, and while eating my cooking, quietly listen to what I did the entire day.



Ciel stays in the small basement room to study and sometimes goes out with Aleph in the morning to sell his own magic tools in the castle town.


I found a nice cafe last time so if you don’t mind, would you like to go with me? Well if you’re not interested then you don’t really have to… he innocently invited me, so we plan to go on a date next time.


Ragna seems to go to Amburezza Mountain to hunt some prey, or casually go to different towns to continue with his guild work.


We don’t have any problems with our meat stocks thanks to that. I always thank him and he would ruffle my hair saying he wanted his wife and family to eat delicious food.


Dy is controlling the monsters around the lake and protects it so no one will get near it. Because he can’t get far away from the bangle, he sometimes helps me with my work or clean the mansion with me.


There were times when we were in the garden, he would be staring at the lake and look as if he was thinking about something, but his expression would be gentle and he would spontaneously laugh.


I noticed that recently when the two of us are alone, there are times when he calls himself I* instead of I**. Does it mean he has already forgiven himself in his heart? 

(TN: ** Dy has been using the pronoun ‘watashi’ which is formal. * is ‘boku’ which is less formal.)


Me? I do various things, I get called to the castle or to the holy city and meet with the siblings, or stay in the small basement room with Ciel and read some books while passing my time, there are also days when I go with Ragna for guild quests and adventuring, I also sometimes invite Dy to play in the water.


When not doing that, I mainly tend the garden, cooking, and cleaning the mansion. Am I a house husband or what! Hmm, I can’t deny that…


Oh, speaking of which, guests come quite frequently in this place despite being remote. Mainly Dragonians, that is.

You see, we’re the only ones who live within the distance that can be considered as their neighbors.


Ragna’s siblings appear even though we don’t call them, they make themselves at home and then go back.

It’s lively and they do help out, they really save me some trouble.


The Holy Emperor and Westin also sometimes go across the underground passage to secretly visit.

Previously the two of them unexpectedly ran into each other and after a convention of smiles and drinking tea together, they became friends. You guys do that somewhere else.

Hm? This is the only place you can be this casual?

It can’t be helped, I’ll lend you this place occasionally.


After that, Ciel’s parents apparently also plan to come over. In this way, it’s only a moment before we can live quietly.


That’s right, Ciel is researching not only about magic tools but also about various stuff related to magic. But I discovered something amazing recently.

It was known that the lifespan changes according to the amount of magic power, but it seems that the skill that I have, Magic Power Transfer, can give away the magic power’s quantity itself to another vessel. (TN: Not sure if this is understandable but basically, he can transfer, let’s say, 300 MP and give it to Aleph so his(A) original 503 MP will be 300 higher.)


My magic power is enormous and everyone’s lifespan is different for sure. I faintly wondered if I will be alone in the end.


But, it seems holding on to hope is also fine.


Rei, good morning. Have you woken up yet?]

[Get up quickly or Aleph will gobble up the breakfast.]

[Look outside the window, the morning sun is also comfortable today.]

[Seriously, Rei is such a sleepyhead.]

[M~, so sleepy… it’s because you didn’t let me sleep last night… huaaa*] TN: yawn


Despite becoming teary-eyed from time to time, I’m happy being loved by four hot guys today as well. 


This is the end of the main part. Thank you so much for being with me!