Four Ikemen 90

90 From Thereon


After that, we dismantled the hut on Zohana Lake and built a new house.


The King and the Holy Emperor said they will shoulder the construction costs so we thankfully accepted.


Oh, but we didn’t leave totally everything to them, okay. At any rate, a castle will be built if we leave them alone.


Only the four of us will live there so a small house is fine. Cleaning will become difficult otherwise, right?

A maid? I don’t want to hire one! It’s going to make me uncomfortable!


In addition, we received the plot of land surrounding the lake.


It seems that we can be considered as citizens of Yodelia because the area of the Kingdom is bigger, but it’s frankly just extraterritoriality.


It’s a land that still has a lot of monsters until now and nobody lived on it, and in order for the secret passage to not be misused from here on out as well, we plan for Dy to arrange some monsters in the lake’s vicinity so there’s no one but us who can live here.


It seems that we will be exempted from troublesome things such as tax, the responsibility of a noble with land, social position, and the likes in exchange for acting as guards.


We left the legalities to Alf who is an expert.

Alf will probably do it well. He also gladly accepted it saying to leave it to him.


And today. With the completed mansion in front of our eyes, I cheered loudly.


[Woaah…! This is our new house.]


It’s a bit bigger than I anticipated, and it’s a mansion instead of a house, but it feels comfortable to live in.


The exterior is made of bricks, with cream-colored walls and a mouse-green roof with a chic impression.


The entrance hall of the corridor extends upon getting inside, we have our personal room and a guest room, a parlor, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, a sunroom, a waiting room, a dressing room, a storage room…


Let’s revise my opinion, as I thought, it’s too big. 


[Elder Brother and Honored uncle are used to the Royalty lifestyle. They must have thought that at least having this much room is necessary.]

[Putting the parlor aside, I think we’ll never use the dressing room.]


Beside the superimposing mansion is a detached cottage of the same color. A small house compared to the mansion is built. 


The hut was originally where the detached cottage is currently, and the secret passage can be accessed from here.


The detached cottage’s interior design is made out of wood, the main room and bedrooms, toilet, and quasi kitchen were furnished.


[I like it better here. Or perhaps I should say, I like this place better.]

[I am also calmer in here, and it feels like home because it’s made of timber.]


We go out again. The area between the mansion and the detached cottage turned into a garden and it looks like we can plant things like vegetables here. The lake and the mountain are close, and the cool wind blows through.


[The scenery here is so great. I think I like it here.]

[I can see the majestic appearance of my birthplace. It appears that I will be able to go back home immediately with my wings.]

[It’s also nice that the lake is close by. Ah, look Rei, there’s a fox squirrel.]

[Where, where?]


With a sharp nose and erect ears, a round squirrel larger than a normal squirrel is approaching the lake.


The animals living in the forest seem to also visit the lake to drink now that the unusual phenomenon disappeared, so it doesn’t look like I’ll get bored watching them.


We go down the basement from the detached cottage. The small room where documents are in is there right after coming down.


Although I call it a small room, it is vertically long and quite spacious so it looks to have enough space for Ciel’s research.


A gate was installed in the underground passage next to the small room, and it was impossible to access from here without a key.


There’s also a guard on the bilateral entrance so nothing will probably happen, but let’s just go check on it every day just in case.


Well, that’s why we started living here but we’re having quite a lot of fun.