Four Ikemen 89

89 The Reputed Personage


‘Oh, you guys come as well, you’ll be able to see something great.’ We were invited in a light tone, and we left for the audience room.


Princess Yifa seemed to have other work to do so she left while worriedly looking back at us multiple times.


Inside the audience room with beautiful blue wallpaper, an old man with a strict beard and a person wearing a white and gold robe were chatting. There are also a few guards around.


The robed person notices us enter the room and turns around.


[Honored Uncle!?]

[Alfred, Rei, we meet again. Westin-sama, I congratulate you on your ascension as the King.]


The robed person saluted with a praying stance.


[And it is a pleasure to meet you, friends. My name is Feifre.]


The Holy Emperor who has golden brown hair and the same light blue eyes as Alf smiled gently when he saw us.


I greeted him in a hurry and Ragna and Ciel properly greeted him as well.


[See, aren’t you surprised?]


After Westin, the new King, whispered in a voice that’s only audible to us, he completely changed his mood and saluted with a gentle smile.


[I apologize for keeping you waiting, Feifre-sama. I am truly happy for your visit today.] 


Uwaah, maybe because he was speaking in a frivolous tone before, the corners of my mouth twitch and I want to laugh.


What the heck, so you can be King-like.


The Holy Emperor also returned with a soft smile.


[Not at all, it was I who suddenly intruded after all. Thank you for the warm welcome.]


After that, they exchanged greetings like a fixed phrase before finally getting down to business.


[By the way, for you to visit Yodelia, does it mean that I can expect a favorable response?]

[Of course, I have come for that purpose. Peace is joyous for the country, and I certainly desire it to have.]


In short, the Kingdom of Yodelia was trying to wage war with the Holy Country Country of Habartalt, but since it was something the previous king did and the new king has absolutely no interest in war and wants to get along, Westin seems to have sent the Holy Emperor a letter regarding that matter. 


Alf seemed to have spoken about it as well, that’s why the Holy Emperor believed it and personally came here.


[I heard that my nephew has helped you.]


The Holy Emperor spoke about Alf. It feels like he’s emphasizing the ‘nephew’ part. 


Westin also indomitably praised Alf with a brilliant smile. 


[That’s right, thanks to my younger brother and his companions, we managed to stir up the guards inside the castle and safely capture the previous king who was widely imposing his misgovernment. As a reward, I’m thinking of welcoming Alfred as a Royalty once more. As for them(Rei&co.), I am thinking of bestowing them nobility ranks and repaying my debts to them.]


Hey, wait a minute!? Even though he just said a while ago that he was kidding, he took back his words surprisingly quickly!


In the first place, aside from Alf and Ragna, Ciel and I didn’t have that much participation, though!?

I might have been useful as a decoy, though.


The Holy Emperor looks at us with a bright smile.


[Is that so? Oh, could it be the ones before us here are the central figures of the revolution? Your deeds have left an astoundingly deep impression on us, and we greatly appraise such deeds to be worthy of conferment of noble rank. By all means, we would graciously welcome your presence, along with Alfred, among our country’s nobles.]


EEEH? Holy Emperor as well, what are you saying!?


Even though they both have perfectly smiling faces on the outside, there seems to be a trace of weirdness to it.

Wooh, we sure are popular, I’m so troubled~, haha…


Yifa’s whisper, ‘You are such a devilish man.’, came to my mind.


The bearded old man was also bewildered at the Holy Emperor who became serious and repeatedly glanced at us.


Hmm, this, for one is a top-level conference, right? Is it okay for me to speak in?