Four Ikemen 88


88 The Royal Capital Again


The next day, I went down with a cold.

I woke up in the morning and thought that my voice was hoarse, it was probably because I cried too much last night but when I tried to get up, I got dizzy.


The time is long past daytime and no one is by the bedside. Dy came out from the bangle and checked my condition.


[You have a cold.]


I’ve been pushed by Dy to the bed. And after everybody returned and showed themselves in my room, I was looked after by them during the time.


Alf placed a cooled cloth on my forehead, Ciel gave me confections that are easy to swallow. Ragna lit the fireplace to make the room warm.


During the night, Dy consistently wiped my sweat from the fever.


So I’ve used up all of my energy, I’m so lame… When I grumbled about it, everyone seemed concerned and said that it was because I slept while still naked. Everyone worried endlessly. 

As I thought, four people in a single day are impossible, yup.


On the second day, I still had a slight fever so we stayed in the inn. My fever finally receded on the third day, but we were being prudent so we decided to relax in the inn for another 1 day.


And then, I was finally in good condition and we returned to the royal capital, Valhalla.


We got off the griffon outside of the city to avoid any disturbance in the castle.


We didn’t go through the departure process so I wondered if they’ll allow us to go in again, but the gatekeepers confirmed our names and told us to wait for a short while.


[I guess we can’t enter after all?]

[If that’s the case then we would have been chased away, according to my experience.] 

[Perhaps Westin-aniue made some arrangements?]

[In any case, we’ll know what’s going on once we wait.]


After waiting for a few minutes, an extravagant carriage with a crest arrived at the gate and stopped in front of us. 


From inside, a gentleman in a butler suit stepped down with a click and bowed according to etiquette.


[I have been waiting for you.]



He’s the person who waits on Westin like a shadow. I also returned the bow in a hurry.


[It’s great that you have returned unharmed. Come now, my master has been waiting anxiously for you. Please, get in.]


We get ushered into the carriage without the chance to respond. No, it’s not that I mind, because we also came here to meet him.


According to the situation, we might get lectured if we make him wait… I look towards the distance from the window of the carriage.




Beastmen and children slaves are gone and the citizens’ faces are light.


[It appears elder brother’s reign has a positive effect on the citizens.]

[Yes, it’s as if Westin-sama’s prodigality until now was like a lie, as he has been working himself to the bones.]

[That Westin-aniue is? People do change after all.]


Alf and Veld nodded while being deeply moved. Just how happy-go-lucky was he I wonder, I got curious.


The carriage ran through the capital’s main street and directly arrived at the castle. Following Veld’s lead, we intently walk down the long corridor.


[We’re here.]


In a room within the corridor, Veld stopped walking and knocked on the door.

A clattering noise can be heard from within and footsteps approach in a hurry.