Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta! Introduction

Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta! Introduction

[This introduction is based on the otome game. The main character is a different person.]

One day, the protagonist who lived as an ordinary person awakens her magical power which sleeps within her and then ran amock. The place she woke up to next after losing consciousness due to magic power exhaustion, was a room of a certain mansion.
The nobles in that mansion decided to adopt her because there are no magicians in the family.
Noticing the protagonist’s hesitation, the nobles promised to support the protagonist’s admission to the Higher Academic Research Laboratory, so the heroine decided to take a new step to face her power.

After undergoing training to stabilize her magic powers, the protagonist successfully enrolled to the academy.
However, she was coldly greeted by the nobles’ children who came from the academy’s middle school.
Moreover, because she came from the outer school and was a former commoner, she suffers from unreasonable treatment but she swears that she’ll never back down.
Meanwhile, the unexpected appearance of the country’s First Prince, Rafael, was given such warm welcome.

*world view*

A world where magic exists.
Among them, the Ron’Ares Kingdom has a lot of people who have ample magical powers so the kingdom prospered as a Magician country.
The national policy is to nurture the magicians with secondary academic research institutes and higher academic laboratories.
The one’s who inherited the thickest blood of the magicians were the Royal Family and most of the students enrolled in the academy were children of the aristocrats, but since magicians also appear from the common people, they leave their doors wide open.

Regardless of the examinee’s background, as long as they pass the entrance exam they could enroll.
The institute has an elevator system and most of the students were from the middle school branch. (Internal Students)


There is an illness caused by accumulating too much Mana and the body becomes unable to withstand it.
There are congenital ones and acquired ones, but in either case, Mana could not be discharged outside from the body, leading to death.
Because a lot of the country’s common residents have a lot of magical powers, the nobilities started feeling discontent and are starting to cause trouble. (??) [1]


**Main Character (Name changeable)
Gender: Female

A high school freshman, adopted daughter of Count Boimortie.
By being talented in magic, she was adopted by the Earl’s house.
An ordinary girl who is troubled on how to get along with the other noble students, and decided to face forward with positive attitude.

[I will charge through the path I believe in!]

**Rafael Emerek Ron’Ares
Gender: Male

A freshman in highschool, Ron’Ares’ First Prince.
A person who has an amazing amount of magic powers combined with absurdly good looks which are rarely seen in recent years. As a prince, he’s expected to become an extraordinary magician.
He longed to meet a person who he can treat equally, and saw the Main Character who from time to time passes through his head.

[It is not an act of a proper lady to peep, you know? It’s not something you could escape.]

**Camille Blow
Gender: Male

Highschool freshman.
The former Prime Minister’s only son who was born during his later years.
Rafael’s childhood friend and future aid.
A perfectionist who has inferiority complex towards Rafael who can do anything.

[I deeply respect Rafael-sama. However, when I’m in front of you, it’s as if my mask is gonna fall off…]

**Serge Dudovoine
Gender: Male

Highschool freshman, Count Dudovan House’s seventh son.
Rafael’s childhood friend who was raised to be his personal guard following his father’s footsteps to be the captain. Intimidated by his father who only sees him as a future career achievement, he is hungry for his parent’s love, and he found it on the gentle heroine.

[You’re somehow nice. Just somehow.]

**Jule Bashral

Highschool third year, Bachelard’s eldest son.
When he started highschool, his younger brother died from “dreaming illness” and became disgusted with magic.
Although he decided to join the Knighthood, his swordsmanship skills are in a slump making him self-destructive and violent to everyone.

[Don’t pay attention to me! if you want to play then hurry up and open your legs!]

**Noe Corbusier
Gender: Male

Higher Academic Research Institute, Magic Teacher. A previous priest (?) who was rewarded due to his previous achievements.
He previously worked on the front line as a magician but acquired the “Dreaming Illness”, so he now works as teacher.
When the doctors diagnosed that he won’t live long, he started dedicating his life on researching for the cure of the “Dreaming Illness”.

[I may not be as strong as you, but I don’t want to regret anything.]

**Claudette Schpudreine
Gender: Female

High school freshman, second daughter of the Shapedreine Duchy.
Rafael’s fiancee, stubborn and has absolute confidence in her position.
An existence who antagonizes the heroine and also treating her as a rival (depending on how the heroine acts).

[Someone as lowly as you can be dragged down like this, huh.]


The game starts with the Trickster’s words.
You whose magic has gone wild, shall receive an interview and training on stabilizing your magic powers. After deciding on your status, you will enter the Higher Academic Research Institute, then will proceed between the story part and adventure part, and use the magic item: hand mirror, obtained from the training, to choose who you want to capture among the capture targets.

**Story Part

We will proceed to the story of you and your capture targets.
The likelihood of the object being captured depends on the choices you choose after it appears.

**Adventure Part

The actions you take can change your status.
Since there are different status values necessary to each capture targets, hints of informations will be given to you through the hand mirror.

Depending the selection between the Story Part and the Adventure Part, there may be cases where the karma value (act) accumulates, and when it reaches a certain value, it influences each characters.

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