Outstanding Dog Chapter 1

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I’ve Become A Dog

Wa~, I’m hungry~

My stomach’s been empty since forever. I’m dead. I might as well die.

When it made a pitiful sound like *miiyuu*, I heard a sound that seems to be in a hurry, and I was grabbed.

“Sorry, sorry. I forgot about you.”

I was lying on my back on top of a man’s arm and something was violently shoved in my mouth.

Oi, what are you doing.(?)

While I was wildly waving my legs with *batabata*, I tasted something sweet in my mouth. Oh, it’s milk. So good. It’s so delicious!

While I was drinking with *gubigubi* like crazy, something within my mouth was suddenly pulled out.

Unu. I wanted to drink some more.

“Okay, that’s enough. If you keep drinking like, your stomach’s gonna burst.”

I was once again rolled into something warm and soft.

From the surroundings, you can hear either tiny *myuu* or *kyuu* sounds. I can feel something warm moving but somehow, I couldn’t open my eyes and I could see nothing.

A fart and a burp came out. Ah, this time, my stomach is full.

In the meantime, since I can’t move, I decided to sleep. While I was moving around within the wrapped cloth, I’m being encased by something warm.

Somehow, I don’t know why but from time to time, I’m being kicked by something and it hurts. But my stomach has become full so I’m satisfied.

So sleepy.

After waking up from a deep sleep, I got hungry again.

I’m hungry~.

For the time being, when I tried crying *kyuukyuu*, a man came from somewhere and gave me milk. As usual, something’s violently shoved in my mouth so I gagged for a bit but the milk is delicious. *Gungun* I drank desperately. When I finished drinking, I became sleepy. As I yawned widely, I once again got covered by something I don’t know. I slept while under something.

And then, I got hungry when I woke up again so I cried *kyuukyuu*, got some milk which I drank, took a sh*t, and went back to sleep.

The cycle repeats.

Sleep, take a sh*t, sleep. Those were my daily routines

“Kyuu~(I’m hungry).”

“A~ yes, yes. It seems your voice has grown louder, huh.”

A man who looked like he’s in a hurry came and lifted me up.

“He~re, drink. Drink a lot.”

Something’s being thrusted in my mouth. It’s milk, isn’t it. Umu, today’s delicious as well.

After I finished drinking and burped, I felt like I could open my eyes a little.

Ah, maybe I can see something?

It’s a man. There’s a man. He looks pretty young. His long brown hair is tied behind his head in a ponytail.(I just assume it’s a ponytail) He has a long nose. So it’s this guy who gives me milk every time. U~n, he seems to be the air-headed type, huh.

But this guy, he’s somewhat huge.

“Oh, Chibi (temporary name of MC), can you open your eyes already?”

The man approached with his face. Uu, his face is too big. It’s scary. When I tried to push his face away, the man carried me over like I’m weightless. (TN: My assumption since I don’t get it.)

“N, you seem to have gained some weight. Yosh, you’re doing well, very well.”

The man returned me to the blanket and went somewhere.

I, who was left behind, had a thought.

I stared at my own body.

I drink milk and have a round stomach. Tiny little feet, my stomach is white, my feet are covered with something light brown and fluffy. I twisted my body to take a look at my back. As I thought, it’s covered with hair all over.

… Are~e? (TN: huh?)

When I looked at my palms hesitantly, there are tiny paws attached.

What the heck is this?

I recognize what’s before me. But I don’t understand what’s happened. Rather, I don’t want to understand.

Aren’t I supposed to be human? What’s with this body?

The closest one resembling this appearance that I recognized was a dog. It’s a puppy.

… A dog?

Me, a dog? I’m a dog? the dog is me? Eh, wai, hold on a second, since when has it turned out like this?

Eh? Eh? I was supposed to be a human, right? Wasn’t I just a normal high school student? Why? Why am I a dog?

Eh, could it be that I’m dead?

Inside my head, I could hear the sound of a bell from a temple.

You serious? I don’t remember at all but I’m dead for sure, huh. I died and reincarnated as a dog.

Ehh, for me to be a dog, what did I do? I have absolutely no idea.

Still, why haven’t I noticed it until now?