Outstanding Dog 17

Hi guys. As I said on the Otome Game post ch3.2, I’ll be taking a one day break every week. Thanks for understanding and here’s chapter 17 (I made sure to check the chapter properly this time. ­čśë )   I’m Reflecting

Outstanding Dog 13

Hi everyone. I’m posting the unedited chapter. I’m already as late as I am but… Here’s chapter 13. Chibi’s taken out on a walk. ­čśÇ A Walk

Outstanding Dog 12

Hello~ hello~ here’s a very short chapter of Outstanding Dog~ (Why I put “~” in this post, you ask~? Even if you don’t ask, it’s fine~ you’ll know when you start reading~ Is This A Dream

Outstanding Dog 11

I’m back!!! And so is my internet. I read all you guys’ comments and it warms my heart. Thanks for the encouragements and for the wait. Here’s my┬áfirst release today. Our MC is so adorable~ I Work