Outstanding Dog 25 and 26

Hey guys. I can only release these for now. I think April is not my lucky month. I just got scratched by a rat and I need to go to a clinic  to get myself shot (not with bullets, no.) Otome Game will probably be finished after I get back home later. Chapter 25 and 26

Outstanding Dog 24

Hello. As I mentioned on the Otome Game 6.1, I won’t be able to release regularly at the moment since I need to help out at my sister’s. Also, I think I’m gonna rush to finish this novel. Maybe starting next week, I’ll have 2 chapters from Outstanding Dog. Still not sure, though. Here’s chapter… Continue reading Outstanding Dog 24

Outstanding Dog 23

Here’s Outstanding Dog 23. I have now fulfilled my self-made quota for both yesterday and today. Time to sleep. And no post again today(or tomorrow in some places)  because I’m going to rest me overly wrunged brain. It has to be smoothed out again. I’m Nervous

Outstanding Dog 22

Hi guys. Sorry for the late chapter. There was a problem about the redirection from the post to a disney page previously and I apologise for that. And I’m also sorry for the late release. There will be upcoming chapters a few hours(or maybe many hours) from now. I’m Getting Fired Up