☆Four Ikemen 85

Hiya. I’m back and sorry for the long absence. Here’s the first chapter out of 3. Belated Valentines to everyone. Four Ikemen 85

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Four Ikemen 84

Hello all. I am back. And as you all might have noticed with my previous posts, if there are 2 or more episodes of “snu snu” I post them all together. So it might be a (very) long wait since I have an early shift every day. 7 am but I have to be up… Continue reading Four Ikemen 84

Four Ikemen 82

Hi, it’s me again with a very late chapter. Dy’s POV on this one.

Four Ikemen 81

No matter what i do, the spaces just won’t work…. and boy, this chapter is longer than I realized.  

Four Ikemen 79

Chapter 79 is finally done. Sorry for the wait. Chapter 80 is hard…

Four Ikemen 78

I hope I managed to convey at least a little bit of how the chapter is supposed to make the readers feel. Chapter 78

Four Ikemen 77

Sorry for the late update. Chapter 78 will be up right after this chapter. The heat is crazy here and one of the biggest dams in our province has already dried out. Whew… plus earthquakes. Stay safe everyone out there, wherever you are.