Four Ikemen 6

Heya all~ I finished earlier so here it it! ^_^ Four Ikemen Chapter 6

Four Ikemen 5

Here’s another chapter for Four Ikemen. I’ve been puppy sitting the last few days. 😀   Chapter 5

Four Ikemen 3

Here’s the next chapter of Four Ikemen. Thanks for waiting~ Chapter 3  

Four Ikemen 2

Here’s chapter 2 of Four Ikemen. And my wi-fi is fixed! BANZAI~!!!!!! Chapter 2

Four Ikemen One

Here’s the first chapter of Four Ikemen. Having unstable internet is frustrating way more than when it’s completely gone. I hate it.    Different World

Four Ikemen Introduction

Hello, new project here. Isekai-themed again. I will post once I finish. I have no scheduled release. Without further ado, here’s the Prologue