Four Ikemen: Extra Part 3.2

Here’s the last part of the last Extra chapter! I’ll be continuing TNZKMA for now while looking for other BL LN. Thanks so much for your patience, everyone~.   Cheers~

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Four Ikemen: Extra Part 3.1

I ended up watching a few episodes of Running Man, a South Korean variety show, and got distracted. Decided to cut the chapter into 2 instead. Will post the last part within a few hours after I finish everything. Here’s Part one for now. P.S. Also, I read a comment saying that the night mode… Continue reading Four Ikemen: Extra Part 3.1

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Four Ikemen: Extra Part 2

And here’s Part 2. As for Part 3, I still have around 20-ish lines where I’m stuck. I’m thinking whether to cut it into 2 parts (it’s quite longer than the previous chapters), and most of the upper half is also finished. Not sure, though.

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Four Ikemen: Ragna’s POV

Aaand here’s the last Idle Talk of the four ikemens. As I mentioned before, I ended up finishing Dy’s POV earlier so this is the last one. After the three extras, we’re completely done with this story. Sorry for being so slow.

Four Ikemen Idle Talk 1

Hello, it’s been a while and I hope everyone is doing just fine and safe. Here’s the new chapter. Sorry for the delay. I wish us all the best and hope all of us stay healthy.

Four Ikemen Chapter 90

Here’s another chapter. I should’ve done the other 3’s POV according to chapter order instead (I did Dy’s already it seems -_-) Anyway, 6 more chapters before the novel is done. 3 POV from Ciel, Aleph and Ragna and 3 extras. I’m going to do the POV’s first. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Four Ikemen Chapter 89

And here’s chapter 89. Keep safe everyone and stay healthy. Also, I made a mistake on the chapter number and put 90 instead of 89. I just corrected it now, my bad.