ASTKO Chapter 9

“That’s… what do you…”

“I heard about Sajis.”


“That’s right. I heard that he’s making a move on you.”

“Making a move…sir? But Sajis-sama is just like Guinn-sama, a customer who nominates me…..”

“There is no way that that guy is a decent customer.”


He found that Guinn doesn’t like Sajis from his low and menacing voice.

Rumors about Sajis can be heard arbitrarily while working in the capital. Like how many women he has embraced and how many of them have become captivated, that those he didn’t like were eliminated and evidence was erased and that he buys all the shops that come to his liking, rumors about Sajis aren’t very good.

He doesn’t judge people based on rumors, but even from Guinn’s perspective, Sajis, who leisurely walks around while being served by women in an official place, didn’t look well-mannered. Besides, he(G) was getting tired of his(S) annoying deliberate sarcasm and flare-ups whenever he sees Guinn’s face.


“He’s a man who isn’t satisfied unless he gets what he wants. And he has the status to fulfill all of those. That’s why it’s uncertain when and what he will do something towards you.”



Maybe that’s really the case. After being held by Sajis for the first time, he heard from Retana Sajis’s status. He was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out, but Sajis who came many times after that didn’t treat Yaquel terribly nor did he(S) overdo it. He was simply worked up to at least make Yaquel cum. The first time he ejac*lated in front of Sajis the other day, he was hugged very tightly and kissed. Yaquel secretly felt that Sajis, who was hugging him with such an innocent smile didn’t feel like an arrogant noble at all.


“So if I become your patron and claim you as mine, that man shouldn’t be able to lay a hand on you.”


Yaquel was greatly shocked to hear the word “redeem” from Guinn’s mouth. To redeem means to pay for a  female or male prost*tute who works in the shop, resigning from her/his work for the rest of her/his life.

Guinn offered to be Yaquel’s patron.




What a kind person. For him to have a benevolent feeling towards a humble man like myself. This gentleman lives up to his name as a Hero and is truly a wonderful person.

The corners of Yaquel’s eyes felt hot.


“Thank you very much, Guinn-sama.”

“Well then!”

“However, your feelings are enough.”

“But! Oh, I see. It’s fine. If you’re worried about money, there’s no need. I have enough money to redeem one or two of you. Don’t worry.”

“No, this isn’t about the money…”

“If it isn’t about the money, what is the reason for your refusal?”


Guinn, who never thought that he would be rejected, impatiently draws near to Yaquel.


“Guinn-sama, when I was picked up by the female shopkeeper here, I decided to live here in Hana-Hana until I die. I’ve decided in my heart that I will live for this shop no matter what happens, and that vow hasn’t disappeared even now.”


“Thank you so much for thinking about redeeming me.”


“Also, I think everything is alright. Although Sajis-sama looks like that, I’m sure that he’s a kind person.”

“There’s no way that he is a kind person.”


Guinn, who immediately replied peevishly, overbearingly plundered Yaquel’s lips.


The truth is that he could care less about Sajis. It’s just that, he wanted Yaquel to stay by his side. He only wanted Yaquel’s everything to be his.

However, now that he has listened to Yaquel’s conviction, he seemed to have troubled Yaquel so he could no longer express his desire to monopolize him so easily.


I want Yaquel……


Guinn sealed his lips with Yaquel’s so his desire won’t overflow.


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