ASTKO Chapter 9




On his way home from picking edible wild plants, Yaquel passed in front of Pyacca’s most famous male brothel and was dazzled by its splendor.

Pretty men bewitchingly invite the men walking on the street. The movements of those slender bodies and seductiveness dwelling in their eyes are by no means inferior to women. In the dusk, colorful lamps illuminate the shop, and men enter inside it as if they’re enchanted by its mysterious beauty.


Sure enough, it’s amazing.


Hana-Hana’s business is finally starting to improve recently but, the shop’s direction and its means of serving the customers are still a long way to go compared to the other popular shops. Yaquel got more and more motivated by the brothel’s liveliness.

Suddenly, when he looked towards the pavilion’s entrance, one of the enchanted men has a familiar face. If he’s not mistaken, that’s one of Sajis’s guards. His arm was entwined by the man who is the most beautiful among the beckoning men and he has a lewd look on his face.

Being a guard is a hard job, after all, he’ll want to have fun after a period of work, Yaquel read the mood and pretended not to see Sajis’s guard going into the men’s pavilion.


When he returned to the shop, he was told by the head clerk that Guinn has come. He hurriedly prepares and goes to meet him.


“I have kept you waiting, Guinn-sama.”

“Yaquel! I missed you!”


He spreads his sturdy arms wide and greets Yaquel. Yaquel also puts his hands around Guinne’s back and lightly pats it.

It was the first time in two weeks that Guinn came to the shop. It seems that he was entrusted with the escort of His Majesty the King who went to the neighboring country for a conference. Yaquel served Guinn even more than usual to show appreciation for completing such an important mission.




“Guinn-sama? Is something wrong?”




Guinn turned Yaquel towards himself and captured him with a serious gaze. And then


“Yaquel. Will you stay by my side forever?”


Guinn’s sincere voice reached Yaquel’s ears.