The second son of the Duke of Yandalunia, Sajis Yandalunia.

Despite his noble status, he becomes a regular customer who goes to Hana Hana once a week.


“Yaquel~, come here for a moment~”


Called out by Aria, who is the most popular prost*tute in Hana Hana, from the window, Yaquel puts down the wood he was carrying on the ground and heads for Aria.


“Is something wrong?”


 Laughing with ‘Fufufu’, Aria said “Yes.” and handed something over to Yaquel.



“Yes. You like it, don’t you?”


“It’s yours.”


Why did she find out? I should’ve been hiding while eating it, when did she find out? Having the talkative Aria find out is like the entire shop knowing.

Yaquel received it with bright red ears.


“Th, Thank you very much.”

“It’s fine. Besides, it’s something I received from a customer.”


He thinks that the smiling Aria has become more and more beautiful these days. Proud of her job as a prost*tute, the lively Aria was like this Hana Hana’s older sister. An excellent prost*tute like Aria should be able to do well at other more popular shops, but she fell in love with Retana’s character and never moved to another store. Yaquel truly respected her for that.


“Yaquel. Thank you.”


Getting thanked so suddenly, Yaquel is stumped as to what exactly she’s being thankful for. Looking at such a Yaquel, Aria ,’fufufu’, gently laughed.

Aria knows. No, not only Aria but all the employees of the shop know. That this country’s hero, Guinn, as well as Young Lord Sajis, visit Hana Hana to embrace Yaquel, and that the enormous advertising effect caused by this has brought customers to the shop making it flourish. That’s why she’s very grateful to him.


“Thanks to you, our customers have increased. Retana-san is very energetic.”

“No, no, not at all! It’s all because of Aria-san and the others’ efforts!”


And Yaquel also knows. Perhaps the increase in customers was caused by Guinn and Sajis. However, it’s impossible to turn a customer into a regular without the attractiveness and hard work of the prost*tutes. Without the prost*tutes’ abilities, they will only play once and never return. The fact that there are many repeaters is thanks to Aria-san and everyone’s hard work.


“So, it’s all thanks to everyone’s effort?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Well then, shall we have a reward party for everyone next week? It will be my treat.”

“If it’s a reward party then let’s all spend money for it! It’s also Aria-san’s reward.”

“…Un*, you’re right. Let’s do that.”  (TN: ‘Yes’.)



Yaquel couldn’t help looking forward to the reward party next week that he could enjoy with everyone at Hana Hana whom he loves.