Yaquel was released in the early morning, 7 hours after Sajis embraced him.

He was restrained by the servant and the guard who saw the unconscious Sajis laying on the bed. Yaquel also doesn’t know if he should explain about their homosexual activity so he keeps quiet for Sajis’s sake. Without getting to meet with Retana, both his hands and feet were tied up and he was left alone at the end of the room until the Vigilante Knight Corps* arrived. (TN: They’re like the police.)


If he gets caught and rumors spread that a criminal came out of Hana Hana, the number of customers will dwindle again even though they just started increasing a little. He was truly troubled.


Yaquel worried about what he should do and had no choice but to wait for Sajis to wake up.

The Yandalunia House’s personal doctor and the Vigilante Knights Corps arrived after a while. When the doctor was about to diagnose Sajis, he finally woke up.

Sajis explained that he was just in bad shape and made both the doctors and the knights return. Then, while he ordered the guard to release Yaquel’s restraint, he stole a glance at Yaquel from behind the guard to check his condition.


“My deepest apologies.”


It originally should have been Sajis who has to apologize, but it was Yaquel who lowered his head to apologize as if it’s the natural thing to do. Whatever the reason may be, it was inexcusable to make a customer faint. He can’t complain even if he gets arrested. But he didn’t want to cause Hana Hana any trouble so he was truly thankful that he got released.

When he raised his head, Sajis, whose eyes met with his, was glaring at Yaquel.

As expected, I’m being hated now….

Yaquel concluded that his service was lacking so the customer was greatly displeased.


“You may go home.”


The servant who noticed Sajis’s displeasure said to Yaquel, who was probably the cause. But,




Sajis stopped him.

With his frustration exacerbated, Sajis approached Yaquel and glared at him again.


“I won’t forgive you.”

“..I understand.”


Sajis’s anger is reasonable. It’s only natural to get angry at a poor service when he paid a very high price for it.

Yaquel decided to take that anger seriously and looked straightforwardly at Sajis.


“I will not forgive you.”


“Why, was the Great I the only one who came? This is the first time I’ve been humiliated like this.”


‘Ha?’ The utterance that escaped didn’t come from Yaquel but from the servant and the guard.


“You didn’t ej*culate. Is that right?”


“For me to be the only one who came, such disgrace is like no other as a man.”

“O, Oh.”

“Yaquel. I will definitely let you finish next time!”


Sajis declared and stomped out of the room. And then afterward, the servant and the guard who still couldn’t understand the details hurriedly chased after him.