Sajis appeared at Hana Hana again the next day. 

Retana and the rest tilt their heads. The noble Lord should have nothing to do at the shop because he held all of Hana Hana’s prost*tutes and left satisfied. Why is he again…

However, they can’t disrespect him. Perhaps he found a favorite prost*tute. If so then that’s a good thing. 

Retana once again took him to the most excellent room. Sajis sat on the chair as soon as he was lead inside the room. 


“Summon all the male workers you hired here right now.” 


That’s what he said right after he opened his mouth while crossing his legs. But compared to Sajis’s lively voice, Retana expresses suspicion.

“Male….s, Sir?” 

“Yes, that’s right.” 

“That’s, with what business might you have with them?” 


Without erasing his smile at Retana’s question, Sajis 


“If I tell you to call them, call them.” 


ordered with a voice that was the exact opposite of a gentle smile. 

She must have heard his point by now. Originally, he can crush this shabby building with one word. It’s for their own benefit that they listen to him while he’s being nice. 

As if attesting his words, Retana discerned a small fire within the smiling Sajis’s eyes, heavily sighed, and called all the men in the store after confirming. 

The men who were preparing to open the shop entered the room in succession while wondering what’s going on. There are two manservants including Yaquel, two men in the kitchen, as well as a clerk with a total of 5 men working in Hana Hana. 

The men bowed to the obviously high-ranked man and his servant. 


“Please raise your heads.” 


The men are relieved at Sajis’s light tone of voice and raise their heads. 


“Also, you guys are done.” 


After confirming, Sajis made all the men who just came withdraw except for Yaquel. ‘What was it all about?’, the men were wondering with tilted heads while returning to each of their posts. 

The ones left in the room are Sajis, the servant, and Yaquel. Retana, who has a sharp head and guts, was removed in advance because she was somewhat bothersome. 

When Sajis also made his servant leave, he ascertainably looked at Yaquel who couldn’t figure out the situation and was standing upright. 


“Your name?” 


Suddenly being called out, Yaquel stuffs the dirty piece of cloth he brought unconsciously into his back pocket. 


“My name is Yaquel Rogino.” 

“Yaquel, is it?” 



He was guided into Hana Hana’s most luxurious room. It was clear that the man is of high standing with the clothes he’s wearing and his refined personality. Despite being perplexed in front of the extremely gorgeous man, Yaquel tried not to be disrespectful as much as possible. 


“I know this is abrupt, but what is your relationship with the Commander of the Krantz Knights? 

“….Do you mean Guinn-sama?” 

“Yes, that’s right.”