What. It’s not that big of a deal. 

Sajis found the previous eighth prost*tute he held boring so he dropped her off.

Two days ago, he heard that there was a brothel where Guinn Yuni Vladis was desperately making time to visit during his busy duties. 

Guinn is the country’s hero. He’s highly trusted by His Majesty and is highly popular with the people. A man who is more excellent than himself… The prideful Sajis couldn’t ignore Guinn. 

It is rumored that the hero Guinn is crazy about a prost*tute. Even if a man like him does not touch a female prost*tute, women with a good status, body, and appearance should approach him so much that he gets tired of it. Even so, for him to go out of his way to make some time to meet her, it can only be that he either fell for the prost*tute or she has a good body. 

Interesting. If I can make that woman mine then… 

It was at that moment, when Sajis who imagined Guinn trembling with frustration and biting his lip, narrowed his eyes in delight.

That was the reason why Sajis came to Hana Hana, but the result was disappointing. Indeed, their technique was good as prost*tutes. But that was all there was. It’s the same for prost*tutes everywhere. No woman attracted him, now was there a woman with an amazing hole. In this case, the maids at his own house are much better. Who and what was Guinn attracted to in this building? The puzzle has not been solved, but it’s for certain that Sajis has lost interest in Hana Hana. 

Sajis called his servant and left the shop early after giving Retana a nomination fee for all the prost*tutes and more than enough rewards. 



It was when Yaquel returned from the market for the head chef’s errand.


 Hearing his name being called and the sound of horse hooves from behind, Yaquel looked back. Guinn, whose lustrous black hair flutters in the wind, gets off the horse when he got near Yaquel.


“Yes. From the market.” 

“I see.” 

“Is Guinn-sama going to the shop?” 

“Yeah. I actually wanted to go yesterday but I wasn’t able to make the time. That’s why I came today.” 

“Was that so? Thank you very much.” 


When Guinn noticed the bowing Yaquel’s baggage, he forcibly took the hemp bag carried by Yaquel and put it on his horse’s back.

“G, Guinn-samaa! Please stop! You cannot do something as discourteous as putting something like that on the back of a proud warhorse!”

He hurriedly tried to take the hemp bag, but his hands were stopped by Guinn. 


“Why? He doesn’t mind. Right, Yuni?” 


The black horse called Yuni nudged Yaquel’s flank as if it agreed with Guinn.

“That’s right…” 


Guinn and Yuni start carelessly walking towards Hana Hana. Do you want to ride him? He(Y) was asked, but he has never ridden a horse and just the luggage alone is heavy enough so the burden on Yuni will be too much if he adds himself on its back. 

Absolutely not!’ Yaquel greatly shook his head and refused. 


“I see. Then I’ll walk, too.” 

“N, no, please go first, Guinn-sama.” 


‘If possible, please leave my things behind, too.’ He also felt like saying. 

However, Guinn doesn’t listen to Yaquel’s words and he(G) walks next to him(Y) while pulling the reins of his horse. 

Yaquel felt apologetic towards him and when he said, “I’m so sorry. Thank you very much.” Guinn smiled and said, “Don’t mind it.”